Traits – Aries Ascendant

Aries traits. Strengths: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate. Weaknesses: Impatient, moody, short-tempered, …

Natives having Aries Ascendant are strong and straightforward. Their actions are marked by a streak of spontaneity. To think before act is not their cup of tea. They rather trust their instincts and follow what they want without worrying about the outcome.

They are impulsive in their actions but not aggressive, since here we are considering the Ascendant in its purest form without the influence of Sun or Mars, which is the ruling planet of Aries. They are assertive not aggressive. What they need, they just pursue it relentlessly. Their intentions are always free from manipulation. They are quite youthful, energetic and honest people.

There could be a feeling of competition as well, but generally, they push themselves to work hard than using malice or treachery. There is a strong desire to lead and win in all their endeavors. They like to do things at the speed of light. Their attention span is short and when it combines with their quickness, what you get is a person who walks fast, eats fast and even gets angry quickly. However, their anger is also quick to vanish. These natives never become resentful or revengeful. They forgive & forget.

As mentioned, people with Aries rising sign have short attention span so they cannot stand monotony. They seek change and action in life. They often struggle to finish what they start. Their focus is on innovating and beginning than completion, unless Mars is in a stable and ambitious sign such as Taurus.

Smiling faces, full of energy

When it comes to body parts, Aries Ascendant sign is associated with the head. People with Aries rising sign often walk quickly with their head tilted to the front. Headaches are quite common with these natives. This symbolically also refers to their ability to fight challenges head on. Their upper body is usually broader and fuller than the lower.  They typically have a smiling face, which is full of energy.

Aries Ascendant people are generally independent, quite early in their life. They do not ask for support and try to sustain on their own for as long as they can. Moreover, others do not rush to their help either since they seem to be so happy being on their own. This self-reliance and self-driven attitude is the key to their personality and is often the product of their previous experiences in life.

This independent and self-sufficient attitude does not mean that they are selfish. They tend to make compromises in relationships as long as they are with someone they like.

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