Traits – Taurus Ascendant

Taurus traits. Strengths: Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable.

Weaknesses: Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising.

Taurus likes: Gardening, cooking, music, romance, high quality clothes, working with hands

Taurus dislikes: Sudden changes, complications, insecurity of any kind, synthetic fabrics

People born in Taurus Ascendant are known for their stability and cautiousness in life. Slow and steady wins the race is the motto of their life. Their patience level is almost opposite to Aries. While Aries throw caution to the wind, Taurus exercise caution in every step and decision they take. They are practical in nature but they are equally loyal too. Their personality exudes a sense of dependability and solidity. They like permanence.

The rising sign, the sign of the Ascendant also tells about how the native starts something. Taurus tend to be fixated and stubborn in their ways. They take a lot of time to venture into anything new, since they dislike change in life. Moreover, they have a fear of the unknown, and seek to build a secure environment for themselves. The idea of having a permanent residence, job, car and relationship appeals to them.

It is very difficult to change their mind about something, which is why they are often conservative in their ways. When they do not want to move, nobody can make them budge an inch. They work more or less like a bull, which is also the mascot of this sign. Unless and until they are not provoked, things are good. But if you poke them beyond limit, you may have to run for the hills. Their first response to anything is through the senses. Touch, smell, appearance, taste and sound matters a lot to these people in forming an idea about things.

Taurus love for luxury & possessions

They have a strong penchant for the finer things in life. A luxurious lifestyle and the material comforts give them a sense of security. Over-indulgence is a weakness of many Taurus Ascendant natives. Possessions are important to them, which is why many become collectors. They need to dress to impress, but their clothes should be high quality and comfortable.

These native believe in the idea of eternalness, especially when it comes to their relationships. They are protective, if not possessive about their loved ones. While they are not jealous and obsessive, they do at times consider their partner as their possession, something that belongs to them and only them. They expect the same loyalty and intensity from their partner too. They seek to maintain a stable and long-term relationship and do not believe in spontaneous flings and encounters.

Their sense of stability makes them a reliable friend or partner. Their dependability makes it a soothing experience to be around them.

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