Lord of first house in first house

At the time of your birth, one particular sign was rising in the east. That sign would be the 1st house. This sign can be called a rising sign or Lagna.

If the 1st house is Cancer, then the 1st lord is Moon, if it is Pisces then the 1st lord is Jupiter. This planet and the sign describe your personality and how you reach to the general world. It signifies the level of confidence, vitality and even the looks as well. It describes your life‘s purpose as well.

The Basic Meaning of 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology

When you see your 1st lord occupying the 1st house, you are more self-focused. It can be at any level depends upon the nakshatras, dignity and sign placement. If the 1st lord is in that house means it is in its own sign and guarding the matters of that house.

Aries/Mars: If your first house is occupied by Aries sign, then your 1st lord would be Mars and if you see Mars in Aries sign i.e., first house, then you will be an action-oriented person. Mars is considered a planet of war and you may display a soldier like nature. You are a natural fighter and you don’t like compromises. You may have to slow down little energy in all your relationships because your innate vibe is to display soldier-like qualities, so you may like to wage war with almost all the people in your life. No matter whether they come from a personal or professional front.

Taurus/Venus: If you are a Taurus ascendant and you see Venus placed in your 1st house you may see yourself as a very charming personality. You may be interested in luxuries, and of course with beautiful things. You may desire for peace and harmony in all the relationships. It may be hard for you to be in troubling situations.

Gemini/Mercury: If you are a Gemini ascendant and see Mercury in the first house, you will see yourself as a person who likes to communicate a lot. You may even land up in a job where you use your communication skills.

Cancer/Moon: When you see Cancer in the first house and moon sitting there, then beyond doubts you are an emotional person and the level of emotions can be on various levels, depends upon the aspects, conjunctions and the nakshatra placement of the moon. You may be caring and displaying mother like nature to all.

Leo/Sun: When you see Sun in the sign of Leo and Leo’s sign occupying the first house, you will display the qualities of Sun. Sun is the king of our solar system and you may have that much of ego. This is the indication of a very confident person and that too depends upon the aspect and conjunctions Sun has. The ego may cause conflicts with others as well. You may like to follow the principles and rules and may not tolerate anyone going against your ideas.

Virgo/Mercury: For you, Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and when you see Mercury in the first house you should understand that you like to be very analytical. They are guided by analytical moves and don’t like to get disturbed in that analytical environment.

Libra/Venus: Venus is all about beauty, arts and love and when you see Venus sitting in your first house, if your first house is occupied by Libra, and then you would be a person who likes to be beautiful. Peace will be your motto and you may like to keep a good balance in the relationships.

Scorpio/Mars: For Scorpio ascendants, Mars in the first house shows the person is very mysterious. They also will show the determination like Aries since both signs are ruled by Mars. The Ketu influence is making you more mysterious. Most of your moves will be very mysterious. In the natural zodiac wheel, Scorpio means all the mysterious things.

Sagittarius/Jupiter: When you see Jupiter in the first house, you should understand that you have innate spirituality and you like to spread the light wherever you go. You may like to advise and teach others. You yourself will be too optimistic and this extra optimism can bring you some unrealistic ambitions.

Capricorn/ Saturn: Saturn in the first house for Capricorn shows that you are a very systematic and serious person. You may not be quick in actions but when you act you will shut down all the loopholes. You may have to be in an organized environment, so you will be looking at all the details.

Aquarius/ Saturn: For Aquarius, when you see Saturn in the first house means you have a very hard-working nature. You may be an outgoing person who likes to be among the groups. You may even work or own large groups.

Pisces/Jupiter: Jupiter represents spirituality and Pisces also indicates charity and spirituality. You may be naturally indicated towards various shades of spirituality. You may have deep intuitions and you may like to help others with your spirituality.

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