Lagna Bhava : Lagna lord in different houses

Lagna represents the ideals of the native and his intelligence. Wherever the Lagna lord is placed, the native’s ideals and intelligence is focused on that area of life, represented by the concerned house.

These results will also apply to the Lord of the constellation and sign occupied by the Lord of the ascendant. Matters concerning the mind (e.g. intelli­gence, enemies, fortunes etc) shall be more evident from the Lord of the Constellation whereas those concerning the physical body shall be seen from the Lord of the sign.

What House of Lagna Chart Say To You? | by Sri Tulasi | Medium

Lagna lord in Lagna(1st House):

If the Lagna Lord is in Lagna itself, the native will be endowed with physical happiness (deha sukha) and prowess (bhuja vikrami). He will be intelligent (manasvi), fickle-minded (chanchala), will have two wives (dvibharya) and will unite with other females (parago).

The Lagna is the place of ideals, intelligence, vitality etc. Whenever the Lagna lord is placed in the Lagna, the native is endowed with high energy, vitality, good health and strong ideals. They are also intelligent as they the lord of intelligence is placed in the house of intelligence. They are always in pursuit of realizing their ideals and lead a principled life. Usually they are not seemed to compromise with their principles and hence they are very difficult to convince on ideas alien to their own.

Maharishi’s proposition on the presence of two wives may look somewhat odd. However this only shows that the native will have the vitality to have sexual relationships with many females. However, it can not be implied that the native would have low sexual morals or infidelity. Though this proposition was valid in ancient times, where multiple wives were allowed in the society, in modern times, this is valid only in cultured, where multiple marriages are still allowed.

Lagna lord behaves like both Sun and the Moon and while the Lagna lord placed in the Lagna, it carries the effect of the Sun and the Moon on the Lagna. Thus it gives, intelligence and vitality as represented by Sun, however also Moodiness and fickle mindedness as represented by the Moon’s influence on the Lagna.

In addition, Moon influence on the Lagna also gives the urge to have sex with multiple partners. Thus, for the significance of the multiple sexual partners to be valid, Moon should also be strong and influence the Lagna. This indication is strengthened if Mars is influenced by Venus or Mercury is under the influence by Moon. Here, influence means aspect, conjunction or placement in Trine.

Since Lagna also represents the body of the native, the intelligence of the person is focused in maintaining the body and they are constantly in effort to keep their body fit and beautiful. They spend a lord money in procuring the materials which would make their body fit and presentable.

Lagna lord in Second house:

If the Lagna Lord is in second houses, the native will be gainful (labhavan), scholar (pundit), happy (sukhi), good natured (sushila), be religious (dharmavi), honourable (maani) and will have many wives.

For such natives, the intelligence and ideals are focused in the 2nd house of family, wealth and food. This makes them always in pursuit of accumulating more and more money and increasing their bank balance. The like good food and can also make connoisseur of food or good chef.

2nd house being the house of speech and also resided by goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, when the Lagna lord is placed in the 2nd house, he is blessed by Goddess Lakshmi. This makes the person learned and wise. While seen in the context of the 5th house, the house of knowledge, 2nd is placed in the 11th from it. Hence, it shows gain of objective of knowledge or applying the knowledge in real life, since 11th house rules gain of objectives.

Second house is also the house of family. The presence of the Lagna lord in the 2nd house makes the native is committed towards the family. The commitment can also be extended to the family outside his immediate family, all the relations, and his community in whole. The native shall constantly try to fulfil the requirement of his family or the community. This also makes the native respectable in the eye of the family and the community and honourable too.

Along with the 9th house, the 2nd house is also the house of Vishnu, since 2nd house is the house of sustenance and Vishnu is the sustainer. Vishnu gives the dharmic ideals to the person and takes him on the path of dharma as mentioned in Srimad Bhagavat Gita. Placement of the Lagna lord in the 2nd house thus makes the person inclined towards dharma and dharmic activities. However for this indication to fully manifest, the karaka for dharma, Sun should also be well placed in the horoscope and preferably influence the houses of dharma.

Second house is the 8th house from the 7th house and thus rules the 2nd marriage. When the lagna lord is placed in the 2nd house, the native craves for relationship beyond the marital relationship. The native is highly passionate and provided the planets which can give passion (Venus- Mars or Mercury- Moon) are also under picture, the native shall have relationships outside the social boundaries. This also means that the native have multiple marriages with the break of former marriage concludes into latter marriages. This indication however comes true, only if the 8th house is afflicted (malefics in 8th and/or 8th lord weak and afflicted).

Since Lagna lord also brings the influence of Moon on the 2nd house while placed there, the natives sometimes find their wealth fluctuating, since Moon shows fluctuations to the indications where it is placed.

Lagna lord in Third house:

If the Lagna Lord is in Sahaja Sthana, the native is courageous like a Lion (Simha tulya parakrami), endowed with all kinds of material luxury (sarva sampad yuto), honourable (maani), have two wives (dvi-bharya), be intelligent (matimaan) and happy (sukhi).

Third house is the house of valour, younger siblings, communication and sexual morality. When the Lagna lord is placed in the third house the ideals and intelligence (Lagna) is focused on the matters of third house.

The symbol of Lion in the matter of courage shows that while the natives of this combination are valorous, they are principled in the matter of courage and will only show the courage at the time of need, like a Lion. However, they are calm and composed at other times and well behaved too. This is similar to the behaviour of Lion, when it is not on its hunting spree. In addition, when the Lion has quenched its hunger, it does not long for its hunt any more and generously leave the remains for the lesser predators. This indicate that native with this combination shall be generous while courageous and shall not display their courage every now and then. This indication is stronger if Lagna lord is a malefic and/or the 3rd house is aspected by malefics and/or the karaka for valour Mars is well placed. The Karaka’s aspect on the house enhances the significations of the house, related to that Karaka. Thus while the Lagna lord is placed in the Lagna, Mars also aspects or placed in the 3rd house, the native is extremely courageous. How he displays his power in this world is a different matter however, which needs to be seen from the 3rd or 6th from the Arudha Lagna.

In the real life the quality of courage translates into risk taking behaviour. Hence when the Lagna lord is placed in the 3rd house, such people become high risk taker. Because they are not afraid of anything, they more than often take initiative in whatever comes their way. This makes them a natural leader and respected by their peers. However, as mentioned before this, influence to be strong on the native, the karaka Mars should be well placed and/ or influence the 3rd house.

The third house is also given the name of Upachaya, which represents growth. When the Lagna lord is placed in the Upachaya, the native like to gain from the environment surrounding them and they are in the pursuit of procuring all the materials of comfort. The important necessities of growth are Intelligence and effort. Among the four upachayas, namely 3/6/10/11, the 3rd and 6th house shows the intelligence required for the growth (from Lagna it is the growth of self) while the 10th and the 11th shows the efforts. Thus, if the Lagna lord is placed in the 3rd house or 6th house, the natives are intelligent and also called Dhi-Mantah. To illustrate this, Maharishi says that the natives with the Lagna lord placed in the 3rd house are Mati-maan (Mati means intelligence and Maan means endowed with). Along with this Maharishi used the term Sukhi or happiness. This is a continuous endeavour of human to attain happiness in their life. Thus a person having the mentioned combination would take any kind of risk to attain the matters of comfort and having a happy life. The key thing here to be noted is that the native would rarely dependent on others to attain the comforts and shall use their intelligence instead.

Third house is also the house which governs the attitude towards sexual relationships and the sexual morals. Many say that this is also the house of Copulation. The placement of the Lagna lord in the 3rd house also draws the native towards these indications and hence the native becomes passionate. They crave to have sexual relationships with many, however, whether this shall be predominant in the nature of the native can only be seen from the combinations supporting or opposing it. While the combinations Venus- Mars or Moon- Mercury gives high sexual passion, Ketu helps in curbing the same. All the influences needed to be taken before pronouncing the result. This is why Maharishi says that the native with the Lagna lord in the 3rd house have two wives.

Lagna lord in Fourt house:

Lagns Lord in 4th House is a very good placement. 1st Lord is also known as Lagna Lord or ascendant Lord. 1st House is one of the most important House of our horoscope. 4th House being a kendra House is also an important House of our Horoscope. So when two important Houses are associated with each other, it generally gives auspicious result.

Lagna Lord in the Fourth House will give a person outstanding comforts in life. It signifies good relation with mother if the Lagna Lord in the Fourth House is not debilitated or associated with malefic planet.

Fourth House is the house for happiness, and as the Lagna Lord is the significator for our own self, A person having Lagna Lord in the Fourth House will enjoy the materialistic pleasures and happiness of this world.

It also indicates a person who is extraordinarily blessed, born to enjoy luxuries and comforts of life. With this placement you can be one of the luckiest persons in family. After the birth of you, the House will experience an extraordinary rise. You will bring enormous  wealth into the family.

You will enjoy the services from servants and conveyance as well as will have a large amount of immovable property.

You may born rich and can have the qualities of a noble man with ministerial qualities.

The Fourth House is also known as the house of throne. Therefore a person who has the ascendant Lord in the Fourth House will be a born leader. You may govern or be in the government in some capacity. So, this placement can make you associated with the government.

If the Lagna Lord in the Fourth House is well placed, then native will be born with a sharp and intelligent mind. This position itself is very good as the Fourth House also represents your education.

If Lagna Lord in the Fourth House is connected with an Exalted planet, you will have good relationship with the parents.

Ascendant Lord in the Fourth House also promises materialistic happiness from your mother, as it is the Tenth Lord from the Fourth House coming into the Fourth House. This does also mean that the native will be getting happiness from mother’s profession, earnings and fame.

If the Lagna Lord is debilitated or not well placed, you will not get the desired happiness from mother. If there is a combination with Mars, you will have enmity and there would be constant arguments between two of them.

Lagna lord in Fifth house:

Lagnesh in 5th house is consider very auspicious. 5th house belongs to past life good deeds so when lagnesh is placed in 5th house, native may has direct connection with his past life. Due to blessing of past life good deeds, native may be automatically fortunate. So native may get easy success in his life.

5th house belong to mantra house, so Lagnesh in 5th house is indicating native may be good reciters of mantra or having power to siddh mantra. 5th house also belongs to Vidhya so if Lagnesh is well placed in 5th house, native may get any mysteries Vidhya. Otherwise native has good education and well learned. Native may be religious and go for any religious tour. Native may like traditional rituals.

5th house in kalpurush chart has Leo sign and lagna lord is Mars so native may be volatile in nature. But actual results depending on sign of 5th house and nature of lagnesh. But volatility is always puts in results as consideration other effect.

Lagnesh in 5th house is indicating native may be long lived. 5th house belongs to children, so Lagnesh in 5th house is indicating native has many children. If it is well placed then native may get fortune after his 1st child birth. Or child may be fortunate for him. It may also indicating native may get fame through his children’s deeds. Means children may be famous and then his father means native may be become famous.

Lagnesh in 5th house is also indicating native may be helpful for others or native serve other. Native may be working under anyone. 5th house belongs to speculation so lagnesh in 5th house is indicating native may be fortunate regarding speculation. Native may earn well through speculation.

5th house also belongs to politics so native may be gets profit from political party. If a well placed lagnesh in 5th house then native may be head of any political party.

Lagnesh and 5th house lord in 5th house is indicating native may get profit from government. Native has good mental peace. Native may be diplomat or may be minister. Native may be head of any political party or may gets profit from politics.

Lagna lord in Sixth house:

6th house belongs to Warfield. So results of 1st house lord (Lagnesh) in 6th house is depending on strength of Lagnesh. In simple word, if Lagnesh is capable to fight within battlefields then it may gives good results or if Lagnesh doesn’t has strength to fighting then gives worst results. Capability of Lagnesh will be depending on strength or placement of lagnesh in 6th house. As a lots of factor we have to check for judgement of strength of Lagnesh. In general way it is consider if Lagnesh in 6th house is placed at own sign, excellent sign or in friends sign then it may consider well placed but if Lagnesh is in debilitated, enemy sign or in neutral sign then it is consider bad placed. So results may be in two ways depending on strength of 1st house lord in 6th house.

6th house belongs to disease so when 1st house lord is placed in 6th house then it’s give direct impact on native’s health because 1st house belongs to health. So
a)If Lagnesh is well placed then native has disease free life. He has good physique and also good physical strength or stamina.
b) If Lagnesh is weak in strength then native may be suffering from so many disease. Native may has weak physique. He doesn’t has good physical strength or stamina.

6th house belongs to debit so a well placed Lagnesh is indicating native may enjoy debits free life. But ill place Lagnesh is indicating native may be always in debits. If well placed Lagnesh then native may give debits or if weak Lagnesh then native may take debits. But it is also indicating native’s all debits may dissolve during Lagnesh Dasha.

6)6th house is indicating enemy. Lagnesh in 6th house is indicating fighting with enemy so if Lagnesh is strong then native will get victory over his enemy. But if Lagnesh is weak then native may defeat by his enemy. So well place Lagnesh is indicating winning in competitions and badly placed is indicating loss in competition.

6th house belongs to obstacles and Lagnesh always want success so 1st house lord in 6th house is indicating native may facing obstacles in success. So when Lagnesh will be strong then native has power to destroy his obstacle of life path and weakly placed lagnesh is indicating suffering to get success in his life path.

6th house belongs to legal matter and medical line so Lagnesh in 6th house is indicating native may has relationship with this field. So native may be lawyer or may be doctor or in paramedical field or any other medical line. One other indications is native may facing legal issues or any type of medical problems.

6th house belongs to service house so native may be in service. Now it’s depend on strength of Lagnesh which quality of servant you are.

If 6th house lord also with 1st house lord in 6th house then it is not consider good. Because just assuming You are in battlefield and your enemy is also strong then you have more change to get injured. So when 6th house lord with 1st house lord in 6th house then native may face health problems, skin issues, loss through government or problems with authority. He may be suffering from unsuccessful life, legal problems or financial problems. He has defective physical constitution. He may facing accidents, injury through weapon, or trouble with cousins. But if 6th house lord is friend of Lagnesh then conditions may be not so much bad.

In simple words we can say that if Lagnesh is strong then evil effect will be reduced and if Lagnesh is weak in 6th house then 6th house down the good effect of Lagnesh and improve evil results.

Lagna lord in Seventh house:

7th house is belong to relationship with others. When lagnesh is placed in 7th house, native may be self lover or self centered. Native likes to promote own self. Native loves to talk about own self. Or native may always busy in own self. He doesn’t care other feelings. He doesn’t respect others values. Some time native likes to live alone. It may cause for sanyas yog or detachment by materialistic world depending on horoscope.

Lagnesh in 7th house is indicating native may be independent thinker or independent lover. He doesn’t like if any body imposed their thoughts on him.

When Lagnesh is placed in 7th house, it may possible native may marry within close family circle.

If 7th house is afflicted due to placement of Lagnesh then it may cause for death of wife. If not afflicted then native may has more than one marriage or relationship.

7th house belongs to social image and name & fame so when Lagnesh is placed in 7th house native may has good social image. It may possibility native may getting good name and fame.

7th house shows far away place from birthplace or foreign place so when Lagnesh is placed in 7th house, native may be traveling a lots. Actually 7th house is one of the Travel house in our horoscope. So when Lagnesh is placed in 7th house, native may live away from birth place. So native will go to foreign travel or live in foreign place depending on horoscope. If 7th house has movable sign then native may go far away place from his birthplace. If 7th house has fixed sign then native goes medium distance from his birthplace. But if 7th house has duel sign then may be possible go for foreign place. As 3rd and 9th house also belongs to travel house so if Lagnesh in 7th house is making relationship with 3rd and 9th lords then native may be settled in foreign place. If in this yuti 12th lord is also involving than native definitely settled abroad.When Lagnesh in 7th house has combination with Sun then it give impact on native’s sexual power.
Or native doesn’t has so much interested in sexual activity. Native may be egoistic and having issues in his marriage life due to ego.

When Lagnesh in 7th house has combination with Moon then native may be dear to everyone. Native has some women nature in his quality but native may be broad minded. But if moon is debilitated then it may impact native’s mental conditions.

When Lagnesh in 7th house has combination with Mars then native has good physical strength. Also it may cause for manglik dosha .

When Lagnesh with Mercury then native may has artistic quality but native may be revenge taking mentalities.

When Lagnesh with Jupiter then native may be religious and kind.

When Lagnesh with Venus then native may be looking beautiful and enjoying sexual pleasure but wife’s health may be down.

When Lagnesh with Saturn then native will be natural leader. Native may be in politics. But native may has late marriage or trouble in marriage life or marriage happiness. Native’s health may also be weak.

When Lagnesh with Rahu or Ketu, Native’s marriage life may be suffering. It may cause health problems. It may be indication Native may be become surgeon or suffering from surgery.

As 7th house is Marak house so if Lagnesh is afflicted in 7th house it may be not good regarding life span or vitality of native. Native may has health problems

Lagna lord in Eight house:

The 8th house is considered the house of age. Its also the place of ups and downs. If the Lagna Lord (Lord of 1st house) is in 8th, it can give ups and downs in life. Though it would give longer life if the Lagna Lord is not afflicted by malefics. This Yoga is called Dur Yoga.

But 8th house has many positive aspects to it. Its the house of metaphysics (matters beyond life and death). A person with very good 8th house can be good in research. He might be a living legend. 8th house also pertains to sudden gains and lottery. 8th house is also the 2nd house from 7th house which makes it the house of wealth & speech for the spouse. A good 8th house means ones spouse would be good in speech. But remember this has to be seen considering other aspects and conjunctions. Nothing can be seen in isolation in Astrology. People with their Lagna Lord in 8th house having life-turning fluctuations in life.

8th house belongs to incurable disease. If lagnesh in 8th house is strong in strength than native has strong vitality and doesn’t suffering from any incurable disease. But if lagnesh in 8th house is afflicted than native may be suffering from incurable disease.

8th house shows obstacles in life path. So lagnesh in 8th house must not be weak in strength, because a weak lagnesh shows native may facing a lots of obstacles in life path. If lagnesh is strong then native may easily facing obstacles. Strong lagnesh in 8th house is indicating native may face any sort of obstacles via his strong internal power, such as he can fight with incurable disease via own strong vitality, he can fight with negative energy via his strong aura.

Lagnesh in 8th house may cause for sudden death or death through accident or any incurable disease. If Lagnesh is strong and well placed then native may has peaceful life and gets sudden death. But if Lagnesh is afflicted than native doesn’t has peaceful life and death by suffering from incurable disease.

8th house also belongs to higher and research study so if lagnesh is strong and well placed then native may be scholar and may be in research. Native may gets knowledge of hidden subjects. Native may be interested in occult or healing or spiritual knowledge. Native may has good intuition of speculation. Well placed lagnesh is indicating, native may success in this matters or weak/afflicted lagnesh is indicating native may facing loss through all this matters.

8th house is indicating parental property so a well placed lagnesh is indicating native may get parental property. Native may get hidden money or money from illegal way so native may gets unearned money. But if lagnesh is weak or afflicted than native may loss his wealth due to any secret or illegal matters. Native may facing loss via sudden matters such as accident, thief, fire,etc depending on horoscope.

Lagnesh in 8th house is indicating native may be gambler in nature. They has capacity to taking risks. If lagnesh is strong and well placed then gets success in gambling. If lagnesh is weak then suffering loss through gambling.

Lagnesh in 8th house is indicating, native may be false speaker and having bad morality. But if Lagnesh is afflicted by beneficial planet then evil effect may be reduce. If lagnesh is strong then native may be helpful in nature. If lagnesh in 8th house has connection with spiritual sign or spiritual planet or spiritual nakshatra then native may gets spiritual awakeup.

8th house also belongs to blaming so when lagnesh is placed in 8th house then native may face blaming.

When lagnesh in 8th house placed with 8th house lords then it will be impact lagnesh badly. Results depend on strength of lagnesh in 8th house. But in general way it is not consider good. It is indicating native may be suffering loss. Native may be poor or suffering from poverty. Native may be suffering from debits. Native has a struggle full life. Native may be negative minded. Native may be lives a bad lifestyle. Native may involving in criminal acts.  If 8th lord is weak than lagnesh evil effect may reduced.

Lagna lord in Ninth house:

Trikonasthanas or trikonas or trines are conventionally the Lagna or the Birth-ascendant, the fifth and the ninth bhava or house counted from the Lagna (or the Chandra-lagna or the Surya-lagna). They form the Dharma-trikona and are also known as the Lakshmisthanas, these bhavas and their lords signify luck and prosperity. The Lagna is both, a kendrasthana and a trikonasthana.

The 1st house, the 5th house and the 9th house forming a triangle relative to the Ascendant and known as the Dharma-trikonas are auspicious bhavas wherein situated planets gain strength, the benefic planets become more benefic and the malefic planets tend to give good results. The lords of these trikonasthanas are auspicious lords.

9th house related to mantra shakti or yantra shakti so native may has power to obtaining mantra or yantra siddhi. This depending on horoscope.

9th house belongs to father so native may respect his father and may has good relationship with father. If lagnesh is well placed then native’s father may be famous and having good personality. Father may has faith on god and may has fears from god. Father may has a good social respect. Native may gets his parental property.

9th house belongs to long travel so lagnesh in 9th house is indicating native may go for long Travel.

Lagna lord in Tenth house:

10th house Mainly indicates our Profession or Work, Government, Social Status or Prestige etc. What kind of Career we will choose, how much Success we will get, what kind of Social status we will get etc will depend on 10th house and 10th Lord.

1st Lord indicates our physical Body, health and our own existence. Lagna is the point from where Life begins. It is one of the most Important house of the Rashi chart.

So When your 1st Lord is placed in 10th house, it indicates Your Life will revolve around your Karma or work.

If Ascendant Lord is in 10th house, the native will be endowed with paternal happiness, royal honour, famous in his community and will doubtlessly have self-earned wealth.

Sun in the 10th house being

Sun becomes the 1st Lord for Leo ascendant, 10th House is Taurus. Which is ruled by Venus. Sun and Venus are enemy. So Sun is not very comfortable in Taurus. But Sun gets directional strength in 10th house. This is a very good position for any kind of administrative work. It will give you very good leadership quality. You will be authoritative and honest in your work. This is the good placement for career progress.

Moon in the 10th house

Moon becomes 1st Lord for cancer ascendant. The 10th house is Aries. when Moon occupies the 10th house Aries for Cancer ascendant, it can make you fickle minded about career choice. You will change your job often. But this is a good position for getting government job. You can travel a lot due to your work.

Mars in the 10th house

Mars becomes the Lagna Lord for Aries and Scorpio ascendant. For Aries ascendant 10th house is Capricorn and for Scorpio ascendant 10th House is Leo. Mars gets directional strength in 10th house. So Mars in 10th house is a good placement. When Mars occupies the 10th house Capricorn being the 1st Lord for Aries Lagna, it will give you high position and authority in work. Mars also becomes extra strong. It will give you very good progress in career. Engineer, Police Army etc will be good profession for you.

When Mars occupies 10th house Leo, it will also give you good progress in career. Mars is very strong in Leo. This will give success in Medical, Administrative, any kind of government job etc.

Mercury in the 10th house

Mercury becomes 1st Lord for Gemini and Virgo Lagna. For Gemini ascendant 10th house is Pisces and for Virgo ascendant 10th house is Gemini. When Mercury occupies 10th house Pisces for Gemini ascendant, it will bring lot of problem and difficulty in your career. Mercury becomes debilitated in Pisces. So this is not a good placement for your career. It will also give you health issue and travel.

When Mercury occupies 10th house Gemini for Virgo ascendant it will give status, position and success in career. This is an ideal placement for becoming a Lawyer, Journalist Lecturer etc.

Jupiter in the 10th house being 1st Lord:

Jupiter becomes the 1st Lord for Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant. 10th house for Sagittarius ascendant is Virgo and for Pisces ascendant Sagittarius. When Jupiter occupies the 10th house Virgo for Sagittarius ascendant, it will make you honest and sincerely in your work. This is a good placement for becoming Teacher, Banking, Lawyer etc.

When Jupiter is placed in 10th house Sagittarius for Pisces ascendant it will give you extremely beneficial result. Jupiter is very strong in Sagittarius. It will give you very good status and position in life.

Venus in the 10th house

Venus becomes 1st Lord for Libra and Taurus ascendant 10th house for Taurus is Aquarius. Venus is not very strong in Cancer but it is quite strong in Aquarius. So when Venus occupies 10th house Cancer it will give you success in career after Sun struggle and difficulty. You have to give lot of hard work.

But Venus in 10th house Aquarius for Taurus ascendant will give good progress and growth in career. This is the good placement for personal life.

Saturn in the 10th house

Saturn becomes the 1st Lord for Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant. Libra and Scorpio are the 10th house for Capricorn and Aquarius respectively. Saturn become exalted when it occupies the 10th house Libra for Capricorn ascendant. So, this is the very good position for your career and professional life. It can make you big businessman, Judge, Political leader etc.

When Saturn occupies the 10th house Scorpio for Aquarius ascendant it can make you good Engineer, Doctor, Management consultant etc.

Lagna lord in Eleventh house:

According to the Parasari School of Hindu astrology the lord of the 2nd house or bhava counted from the lagna (birth ascendant) and the 11th bhava are concerned with earning and accumulation of wealth. Along with these two bhavas the other bhavas to be reckoned with are the 5th and the 9th bhavas which are known as the abodes of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth; the inter-relationship of these bhavas, which are wealth-giving bhavas, and their respective lords, ensure wealth and prosperity. Planets simultaneously owning two wealth-giving bhavas become the prime indicators of wealth, the strongest indicator is the one that owns both the 2nd and the 11th bhavas and the next in order are the ones who own the 5th or the 9th. Dhana yogas depend on the lord of the 2nd who determines wealth, in-flow of wealth i.e. income, is to be judged from the 11th, gains through speculation from the 5th and sudden unexpected gains from the 9th bhava.

11th house represents Elder Sibilings, Large organization, Huge structure, higher goal, Income and earnings .

Aries: Mars is your 1st lord and also will be in the sign of Aquarius. Mars is the soldier if the zodiac is Aries. When it goes to the group of friends, it will try to protect itself from the harsh experiences from friends. This insecure nature can bring issues in friendship.

Taurus: Venus is your Lagna lord. It will be in the house if Pisces. Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces. The 11th house indicates  friend circle, hopes and gains. Pisces is the sign of ultimate spirituality. You may have friends who are very spiritual. You may like to work behind the scenes. Most of your friends may be females as Venus indicates females in astrology. You will make a lot of money through this.

Gemini: Mercury is your Lagna lord and it will be in the house of Aries. Mercury represents intellect, logic, media, communication and technology. You may  have a mix of qualities of Mercury and Aries. You may try to do some business. Mercury in the 11th house shows a person with business mind or who does business. Due to the extensive communication talents they have large group of friends. Their friends will help them in their work.

Cancer: Moon is your Lagna lord. It will be in the sign of Taurus. This is the exaltation sign for Moon. Moon means mother, comfort, luxuries and female figures. There can be profits through the female figures in your life. Your mind will be always busy in dreams for the future. You may work in a domain related to women. Most of your friends and well wishes might be females.

Leo: Sun is your Lagna lord. It will be in the sign of Gemini. It indicates that you are in a position where you can help others. The 11th house is the house of charity as well. You might be  in a role where you can help others. This is the house for the future projects like marriage. The sun in this house may show that you will be overpowering all the relationships for the future. Sun is ego and power. This can cause power struggles with others.

Virgo: Mercury is the Lagna lord. It will be in the sign of Cancer. You may try to be a deal maker in the real estate business or products related to women. You may even start working from home. Rest of the things is almost like Gemini Lagna.

Libra: Venus is your Lagna lord and it will be in the sign of Leo. You will display the venusian qualities more. You will be shining out to the public and will attract more and more friends. You will be busy with some creative projects.

Scorpio: Mars is your Lagna lord and it will be in the sign of Virgo. Mars is in the sign of enemies and debts. Here Mars may find your friends as enemies. This can be a situation where you need to control your thoughts. You may be insecure for baseless reasons. Especially about your friendships.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is your Lagna lord and it will be in the sign of Libra. This will be almost like Pisces Lagna. Jupiter is in the sign of its enemy Venus. This may not give happiness to Jupiter. It is a spiritual planet and it is in the sign of worldly planet. If you don’t control yourself, then you may get lost in the worldly friendships.

Capricorn: Saturn is your Lagna lord and it will be in the sign of Scorpio. Scoprio is a mysterious sign, just because of the mysteries it rules. When Saturn is in the 11th house, you may have to deal with mysterious people. After some delays only you will get stable friendships. Saturn is delay and obstacles, and then you will obviously find difficulty in making friends and in getting profits.

Aquarius: Saturn is the Lagna lord and it will be in the sign of Sagittarius. Saturn is in the house of Jupiter. This will be almost like Capricorn ascendant. You may display too much of maturity and you may have older friends. You may not be interested in regular hi –bye friendships and this may obviously restrict you from making friends.

Pisces: Jupiter is your Lagna lord and it will be in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter is debilitated in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter doesn’t like to deal with the features of the 11th house. It may get lost in the features of 11th house since Capricorn is the debilitation point for Jupiter. This may make you to go for wrong friendships. You may have to be very careful with your friends circle and the advice they give.

Lagna lord in Twelfth House :

The 12th house is known as the Vyaya Bhava.This house deals with expenses, losses, expenditures for charity,life in foreign lands, obstructions in life, separation from family, going astray, withdrawal into retreat, transcendence, enlightenment, seclusion, imprisonment, hospitalization, pleasures of bed, sound sleep and work behind the scenes, as work in a hospital, asylum, prison, military quarters, and monastery.

When your 1st lord is in the 12th house, it means that you will be spending more time in managing the things related to the 12th house.  You may travel to foreign lands. The 12th also means other dimensions. So, it can be astral travel as well. The 12th house deals with burdens, so you may have to show competitiveness in dealing with burdens.

Aries: Mars is your 1st lord and it will be in Pisces. Pisces is the sign of ultimate spirituality. Mars in this house may indicate a person who likes to explore divine things. Mars is a warrior and he likes to conquer all the features of the 12th house. It can be different ways. If not carefully managed the features of the 12th house can give more headaches to you because of the nature of your 1st lord. If you see Mars in the 12th house, even if it is with good aspects, you may have to slow down your energy. Always remember Pisces is the sign of ultimate spirituality and your Martian energy should not break the laws imposed by the sign of Pisces.

Venus is your 1st lord and it will be in Aries. Venus is love, spouse, marriage, agreements and contracts. Aries is the fire energy and Venus may not be that happy in this sign and as well as in the 12th house. The 12th house indicates moksha , spirituality and isolation. The Venusian qualities may struggle to keep you happy within the boundaries of the 12th house and Aries.

Mercury is your 1st lord and it will be in Taurus. Mercury is speech, communication, business, logic, and writing. It is in the sign of Taurus. In the natural zodiac, Taurus means possessions, speech, voice and finances. You should combine both. You may be working with logic in a foreign land. You may go to foreign land for your education. You may speak different languages. Knowledge about different language will come to you naturally.

Cancer: Moon is your 1st lord and it will be in Gemini. Moon in 12th house makes you very dreamy and intuitive.  Cancer is the sign of mother and homeland. When the indicator of Cancer is in the 12th house, it means you may be away from your mother or home land.

Leo: Sun is your 1st lord and it will be in Cancer: Sun is the father figures in astrology. It means power, ego, government and self esteem as well. You may travel to the foreign land as a part of protecting your ego or self esteem. You may even take up a job in government to move out of your country. You may be interested in too much of spirituality.

Virgo: Mercury is your 1st lord. It will be in Leo. This will be almost like Gemini. Mercury in Leo will like to learn ancient texts. It may promote you as a linguist or a writer.

Libra: Venus is your 1st lord and it will be in Virgo. Venus will be in a debilitated mode. This may give you stress in dealing with matters of the 12th house. You may have to take care of using the soft emotions for the wrong purposes.

Mars is your 1st lord and it will be in Libra. This will be almost like Aries. The Mars in Libra can make you less focused in the relationships. You may like to overpower your counterparts with the Martian energy. This can cause concerns in the matters of 12th house.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is your 1st lord. It will be in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign if hidden knowledge, occult, paranormal and investments. This sign deals with the sudden twists in your life. Jupiter is the teacher of the zodiac. When Jupiter as your 1st lord placed in the 12th house means, you may be a teacher of hidden knowledge. Since Scorpio deals with finances you may be managing or teaching others to manage finances as well. You may be a person who went through ups and downs in life and started teaching others about life and philosophy.

Capricorn: Saturn is the 1st lord and it will be in Sagittarius. Saturn shows obstacles and delays in astrology. Saturn in a dursthana house will be able to stop you from falling into troubles. In fact Saturn will block the evil effects of the 12th house it will be able to give you gains, if you are strictly following the spirituality and higher dharma. Sagittarius is the sign if Jupiter and it signifies higher knowledge, wisdom and dharma.

Aquarius: This will be almost like Capricorn. Saturn is your lagna lord and it will be in its own sign Capricorn. This will be a happy place for Saturn because he is own house. This will make you struggle less with the matters of 12th house.

Pisces: Jupiter is your lagna lord and it will be in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius deals with charity, hopes, gains, future, collective projects and large groups. Here Jupiter may make you a teacher for large groups. You may teach the lessons of Charity. You may handle the projects for the gains.

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