Numerology and Business Partnership

Numerology and Business Partnership: Numerology is an occult science of numbers where each and every number matters a lot. Date of birth etc. have their own set of numbers , values and significance. These numbers have their own ruling planet that influences its power on the native. Business Partnership: A partnership is a formal agreement by two or more parties to manage and operate a business and share its profits. While making new partnership it’s important to know in starting of partnership, whether this partnership will work longer or not. In this article you will know according to numerology about business partnership success or failure.

Should we partner or not?  

When you think of doing business partnership, you get the idea whether you should do partnership or not. Will your partner never cheat? It will not happen that you will work hard and the partner will grab all the money. In this way a lot of thoughts come to mind. So today we will try to know through Numerology whether the partnership will be good for you or not.

If the numbers given in your birth chart appear then you can do it in a business partnership. Write your birth chart (day, month and Year) driver and conductor number.

Driver Number is the date of birth. Contractor Number is come by adding all the digit of the day, month and Year. Suppose your date of birth is 11 may 2001 then your  driver number is (1+1=2) and conductor number is 1(1+1+5+2+0+0+1=10,(1+0=1).

  • If you have a number 7 in your birth chart more than once, do not partnership.
  • Do not do partnership, if you have a number 7 in your birth chart but not a six and five number.
  • Seven and three both number available in your birth chart, then avoid to make partnership.
  • When Five and six available along with number 7 in your birth chart then can make partnership.
  • If you have a number 7 and 6 in your birth chart but five is not, then also can make partnership.
  • If driver v/s driver clashes then totally avoid partnership. Suppose your driver number is one and partner driver no is eight then avoid. Refer to below table.
Your DriverPartner DriverPartnershipYour DriverPartner Driver


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