Numerology: Job or Business

Numerolgy: Job or Business – If you want to know which number is the key for a Job or Business then this article is important for you, Job or business depends on a lot of things and not just a few things. This is a larger picture. It requires a lot of risk and patience to do business as compared to that the risk factor in jobs is less. But once business is established, there is no better job than that. According to numerology it depends in two parts. The first is the aggressive number and the second is mild number. Job or Business which path is good We can know through the following rules.

Aggressive NumberResponsible PlanetMild NumberResponsible Planet
  • If your driver number is an aggressive, then you can make the business your career.
  • If the driver number is benign then the job should be selected.
  • But if the driver number is aggressive and the conductor number is benign then you can choose both job and business.
  • If both your driver and conductor numbers are benign then you must definitely choose the path of job.
  • Both 5 numbers and 6 numbers are diplomatic numbers. So under any circumstances, you have the ability to manage yourself. So people of this number can choose both stays, because of their managerial skill.

Driver number is the date of birth. Suppose your date of birth is 11 May 1999 then your driver number is 2 (1+1=2).  

Conductor Number is 8 [1+1+0+5+1+9+9+9=35 , (3+5=8)].


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