Number and Planet

In our Solar System, there are only nine planets and only nine numbers on which all material calculations are based. Each planet is associated with one of the twelve Zodiac signs. And it has unique characteristics, vibrations, and traits that affect those born under its ruler-ship. A number is assigned to each planet.

Planets, numbers, and alphabets have a close relationship in Indian numerology. Vibrations are generated by planets, numbers, and alphabets. You are Extremely Lucky if these are in harmony!

A Table of Planets, Numbers, and Alphabets is given below.

Sun1A I J Q Y
Moon2B K R
Jupiter3C G L S
Rahu Uranus4D M T
Mercury5E H N X
Venus6U V W
Ketu Neptune7O Z
Saturn8P F
Mars9No Alphabet

Understand Your Name

What is in a name? Your name contains 2 or more words. these words are made of alphabet chains. A word may contain 2 or more alphabets. Each alphabet has a numerical value as shown in the above table.

If you want to understand your name, you have to add up the numerical values in each alphabet in your name. The resultant number may be 10 or more than 10. Suppose it is 10. Zero has no value. So Take 10 = 1.

The Interpretation

So your name number is 1. Now refer to the table given above. You realize that 1 is the number for Sun and you are ruled by Sun.