Planet Ketu In Astrology

Ketu Planet in Astrology have very prominent role in Astrology. Ketu, South node of the Moon, is also considered as a planet in Astrology. It is not a planet astronomically, however, due to its major impact on humans life, it is considered as a planet. The head of dragon, Rahu, is known as the North node of the planet Moon. These are not heavenly bodies with an observable body, shape or mass like Sun, Moon and other planets. Ketu is a planet which detaches from the material world and leads towards the path of spirituality. He always seeks for moksha or salvation. It takes approx 18 months to enter from one zodiac sign to another sign. The Mahadasha period of Ketu is also for 18 years.

Planet Ketu

Planet Ketu : Astrology

Hindu Mythology about Planet Ketu

Planet Ketu in Astrology

According to Hindu Mythology, it is also known as “Chayagraha” or shadowy planet. That means they possess no mass, shape or substance and are celestial points on the zodiac belt with regulated movements and orbit, and predictable influence on horoscope.

As per ancient scriptures, it is believed that Lord Vishnu fooled demons at the time of “Samudra Manthan” while distributing nectar of immortality or Amrit. Lord Vishnu served nectar to all the Gods and poison to all Demons. One Demon, named as Swarbhanu, noticed this, sat in the row of Gods and managed to get few drops of nectar. However, Moon and Sun saw this and signaled to Lord Vishnu who beheaded the demon but unfortunately by then he was immortalized.

From that point, the head of the body of demon became “Rahu” and torso became “Ketu”. The mystery planet Ketu has only body but no head. He didn’t know which direction to follow, hence decided to follow the path of spirituality. It doesn’t want the materialistic gains. It is an isolated planet, which detaches native from the world and luxurious items. It doesn’t have a brain and is directionless.

Rahu & Ketu are considered malefic as their origin is related to demons and they swallow Sun, hereby causing Solar Eclipse and Moon, causing Lunar Eclipse. Ketu is also known as Shadow planet or South node of the Moon. Rahu and Ketu are the points of ecliptic where the plane of Moon’s orbit intersects the plane of Sun’s orbit. The zodiac point where a planet crosses from south to north Latitude is called North Node and vice versa. The south node is called the descending, and the north, the ascending node.

In Western Astrology, Ketu is known as tail of Dragon. Cauda is also another name of Ketu given in western astrology. As per Western Astrology, rahu is considered as benefic whereas Ketu is malefic. Westerners don’t consider these planets while analysing birth chart to give prediction on one’s life.

Nature of Planet Ketu

Ketu doesn’t own any house or rashi in horoscope. All the houses and rashis are only ruled by the seven planets. However, few astrologers believe that nodes also own the houses and signs. Well, Ketu doesn’t own any sign, hence it represents lord of sign only. However, one must keep in mind while analysing the horoscope that these nodes are important if they are conjoined with any planet. If they are conjoined, they provide results of the planet which aspects them. It shows the lord of house. Ketu rules over Ashwini, Magha and Moola Nakshatras. However, some believe that Ketu gets exalted in Scorpio or Sagittarius and gets debilitated in Taurus or Gemini. If Ketu occupy the beneficial houses in the horoscope, then it will give the good results.

What does Ketu signify in Vedic Astrology?

Ketu indicates the maternal grandfather. Ketu doesn’t rule over any zodiac sign. According to Hinduism, Ketu indicates one born in low caste, one whose thoughts and actions are evil, who will resort to outcaste and low-born, who is dissatisfied, likes residences facing in south direction, fond of travelling, stay outside or a big jungle, finds pleasure in uttering falsehood, continues to speak untruth, one who doesn’t have the courage and look downwards while walking and talking with others. Sharp acute pain and Gas trouble are denoted by nodes. Snake catchers, Buddhists, ass, ram, wolf, camel, serpent, poisonous insects, a dark place, bug, insects, owl etc. belong to the nodes.

To enjoy life at others expense, to live in a rented house, to use others vehicles, to have an office car, to take one in adoption, danger to the offspring, pilgrimage, ill health to the native and defect to the children and defect in vision are judged from the position of nodes in the horoscope.

How does Ketu act in all 12 houses?

Let’s see below how Ketu acts for all 12 houses if it occupies the different houses in astrology:

  • Ketu in First House: Marks in the face of the native, diseased, miserly, a stillborn child to the native etc. If it is connected with benefics, native will be rich and have long living children.
  • Ketu in Second House: Unhealthy, worried about family, No savings, especially about children, black complexion, twice married etc. If benfics is conjoined with Ketu, it can cause a mole in the chin. Native will be lucky and will hate people and also will be hated by them.
  • Ketu in Third House: Native will be good natured, rich, successful messenger, contractor and Agriculturist.
  • Ketu in Fourth House: Native will possess wealth, jewellery, may marry twice, not good to mother. If it is connected with benefics, then the evil results will be mitigated. Native will hate relatives.
  • Ketu in Fifth House: It is inauspicious to children, may stammer, a bad person (He may be punished by the Government). Native will be cunning. He will have hydrophobia and will be unhealthy.
  • Ketu in Sixth House: Native will be courageous. Native will enjoy life with entire satisfaction. Moon conjunct with Ketu indicates losses, no savings, will be clver. Native will be liked by relatives, famous, learned and studious.
  • Ketu in Seventh House: Native may marry again after losing the first wife, second wife may suffer from chronic disease, if malefics then issue at marital front. If benefics associated with Ketu then it may give one wive, good fortune, lucky wife, long living etc. Malefic may destroy the pleasure of married life.
  • Ketu in Eighth House: Native may have chronic disease. He will get legacy, will enjoy at others cost, finds pleasure in the company of others wives, miserly. If conjunct with benefics, it gives long life and wealth.
  • Ketu in Ninth House: It affects the longevity of your children, native will find pleasure with low class ladies and servants. Native will not be sympathetic. Native will never donate. He will get easily irritated, can argue, will talk nicely, will also talk ill about others etc.
  • Ketu in Tenth House: Native will find pleasure in widow’s company. Native will live dirty places. If it is attached with benefics, it will mitigate the affliction. He will have faithful servant. He will be clever, diplomatic, brave, good at engraving, will have social success, will tour always.
  • Ketu in Eleventh House: Native will have many children, be rich, courageous, have social success, spend the minimum etc.
  • Ketu in Twelfth House: Native will have very few children. They will have a defective vision. He will be a sinner. He will be weak-minded, unprincipled and will suffer from loss of ancestral property and reputation.

Hence planet Ketu is very prominent in terms of Astrology. It is important planet for spirituality and Moksha.

Ketu in various houses according to Vedic Astrology

Ketu in First HouseKetu in Second HouseKetu in Third HouseKetu in Fourth House
Ketu in Fifth HouseKetu in Sixth HouseKetu in Seventh HouseKetu in Eighth House
Ketu in Ninth HouseKetu in Tenth HouseKetu in Eleventh HouseKetu in Twelvth House

Ketu in various houses according to Lal Kitab

Ketu in 1st HouseKetu in 2nd HouseKetu in 3rd HouseKetu in 4th House
Ketu in 5th HouseKetu in 6th HouseKetu in 7th HouseKetu in 8th House
Ketu in 9th HouseKetu in 10th HouseKetu in 11th HouseKetu in 12th House

Remedies for Ketu

Ketu – A shadowy planet

Planet ketu astrology In Astrology, Keth is also said to be a ‘Node’, ‘Chayagrah or Shadowy planet like Rahu, as it has no mass shape or substance and is not verified by visual observation. In Hindu Mythology, Kethu represents dragon’s tail. This Chayagrah is also malefic and cruel in nature. Kethu has celestial points on the Zodiac, with regulated movement and orbit and that it has a distinct and predictable influence on horoscope.

Westerner Astrologers also call Ketu as Cauda. Kethu does not own any zodiac sign but has a strong influencing power. Kethu is considered as south node or descending node of Moon. Fire or accidents, past karma, broken relations, magical power, assassination, deep thinking, and desire for knowledge, changing events, spiritual growth, comets, cheatings, and mental illness are associated with influence of Ketu.

Ketu dasha cycle or the time period under the influence of Kethu is very unsuspicious period and results extreme depressing events in life. This period generally lasts 7 years in person’s life.

Myths about dragon’s tail Ketu

Ketu is also said to be a demon and represents all characteristics shown by a dragon like shadowy planet Rahu. Vedic mythologists believe that Kethu represents tail of dragon snake. As per ancient Hindu mythologies, Kethu is a demon who became immortal during a war Samundra Mandhan (churning of Ocean by two opposing armies) between devil and deities for the purpose of getting Amrit (nectar).

Lord Vishnu, observing this war, came down in embodiment of Mohini-a wonderful angel to enchant asuras so that they can break their attentions from war for amrit. But one dragon among asuras was quite a witty demon, he understood the intentions of lord Vishnu and other devtas, and noiselessly tried to drink amrit.

But lord Vishnu caught him inhaling amrit and suddenly took out chakra (wheel-sized edge) to cut-off and depart his head from the body before the nectar could pass his throat. And, unfortunately that dragon was pieced in two parts-head and tail, head of the dragon was given a name “Rahu” and the other part was given a name “Ketu”, and now they are immortal.

Ketu in Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, Kethu is said to be the south node of Moon or descending lunar node. Kethu does not own any zodiac sign but is conceived exalted in Scorpio and fallen in zodiac sign Taurus. Ketu is ever stronger planet than other planets whether it is aspected by a planet or conjoined with the planet.

Ketu indicates maternal grandfather. This node is also indicator of imprisonment. Ketu is indicator for all awry activities like magical power, fire or accidents, changing events, and broken relations. Fire, accidents or injury, renunciation, bad nature to have pleasure with other ladies, sour experience, salvation, punishment, imprisonment, fear complex and allergy are attributed to Ketu. It is very strong planet like Rahu when exalted.

Worse influence of Ketu can make one’s character impious. Disappointment in life and untruthfulness are some characteristics due to influence of Rahu. This node can cause imprisonment. If one express feeling for enjoying life at other’s spending like living in a rented home, using car offered by office or etc. are because of the attribution of Kethu like node Rahu. However, Kethu is influential in growing spiritual strength and makes one curious to have desire for more wise knowledge.

Indications of Ketu when occupying 12 houses

Kethu acts as a strong and influencing agent to the planet with which it is conjoined or exalted by a planet. Let’s have a look what Ketu indicates when it occupies twelve houses in a horoscope.

Ketu in 1: Kethu in house 1 indicates bad health, short life, diseases, and marks in face. But if connected with benefics it gives a long life and richness.

Ketu in 2: Kethu in house 2 signifies over expenditures, no savings, tense about family, especially about children, unhealthy conditions, and dark complexion. Positive results of Ketu in house 2 make the person lucky.

Ketu in 3: If Kethu is visible in 3rd house in one’s chart, it shows success in profession. The person can become more successful and rich if he goes in occupation like contractor, agriculturist.

Ketu in 4: Kethu in house 4 also indicates abundant money and ornaments but the person will have feelings of hate towards family members or may be inauspicious for mother and can marry two times.

Ketu in 5: Ketu in house 5 in a horoscope makes a person immoral or indecent. The person can become unfortunate for family especially for children and can face punishment given by Government. The person will also have fear or phobia from water.

Ketu in 6: Kethu in house 6 makes person courageous, studious, claver, and famous. But Moon in conjunction with Ketu in house 6 indicates loss.

Ketu in 7: Ketu in house 7 signify loss or death of first wife or second marriage. Second wife can also face chronic disease. Malefic effect of Ketu in house 7 unveils problems or dissatisfaction in marriage life or love life, and it makes the person cruel, he will also like sleeping always.

Ketu in 8: Benefic effect of Ketu gives a long life and enormous wealth. But malefic effect of Ketu in house 8 in horoscope stimulates the person to enjoy other’s things or belongings like other’s wife, other’s house.

Ketu in 9: Ketu in house 9 affects the person to become unsympathetic, indecent, sweet speaker but ire from inside, cruel, angry, and influences him to take pleasure from backward or lower class women.

Ketu in 10: Ketu in house 10 in horoscope influence the person to enjoy company of widows. The person will leave in dirty places. Benefic influence makes the person honest or faithful.

Ketu in 11: Ketu in house 11 also denotes success, achievements, and abundant wealth like Rahu in the same house. The person gets admirable social image and aims to achieve mountainous deeds. Ketu in this house also indicates many children.

Ketu in 12: Ketu in house 12 indicates defective vision, loss of forefather’s property, narrow-minded, undisciplined and immorality.

Summing up, Ketu is a malefic planet in one’s horoscope but sometimes it also unearths benefic influence. Kethu in one’s birth-chart mostly shows adverse affects. One’s week mind, indecency and feelings of hate is often attached to influence of Ketu in one’s horoscope.

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