Mercury transit

Significance of Mercury in Vedic Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the offspring of Moon and Jupiter, hence it incorporates the characteristics of both of these planets. Known to be the signifier of one’s communication abilities, analytical skills, and intellect, Mercury is a key planet in regards with sales professionals, lawyers, scientists, and artists. Mercury’s impact is the strongest when it is positioned in Virgo and low while in Pisces. The friendly planets of Mercury are Venus, Sun, and Rahu. Mercury is neutral with all other planets and has a bit of animosity towards Moon. The planet is responsible for diseases related to skin, head, and throat.

The Result of Mercury Transit

  • Transit of Mercury in First House-When Mercury Transit occurs in the first house, it gives contrary results. During this period, there is a possibility of dispute and loss due to the increased bitterness in speech. The Mercury here offers irrelevant trips, which in future causes problems. At the same time, there is a loss due to abusive language.
  • Transit of Mercury in Second House-When Mercury transit through the wealth house, it provides both auspicious and inauspicious results. The planet Mercury located here offers insult as well as monetary wealth. With the influence of Mercury, sweetness comes in speech, and you get the attention of other people. Along with wealth, you will achieve jewelry and good food.
  • Transit of Mercury in Third House-When Mercury transit from the Moon sign to the third house, the fear of enemies remains. Concerns from the government are likely to grow too. Mercury here also inspires immoral acts. In this period, there are chances of you making new friends.
  • Transit of Mercury in Fourth House-Mercury transit in the fourth house provides auspicious results. During this period, you will get an abundant flow of wealth. Along with maternal happiness, you will be benefited from property-related matters. Mercury here is responsible for physical strength.
  • Transit of Mercury in Fifth House-When Mercury transit through the fifth house, restlessness of the mind increases. There can be a dispute with son and a woman (wife, daughter, female friend etc.). With the influence of Mercury, ego increases in nature and sometimes tendency of greed increases.
  • Transit of Mercury in Sixth House-Mercury Transit in the sixth house is considered to be really auspicious. Because of the presence of Mercury, there is a rise in good fortune. In every field, the person progresses. Your enemy feels defeated and helpless. The effects of Mercury succeed with every work.
  • Transit of Mercury in Seventh House-Mercury Transit in the seventh house is responsible for family feuds. There is a situation of discord and dispute with women. Fear comes from physical suffering, government or senior officials. Mercury transit in the seventh house causes travel and loss in business.
  • Transit of Mercury in Eighth House-Mercury Transit in the eighth house is considered to be really auspicious. With its effect, you will get sudden wealth. You will achieve success in every work. The influence of Mercury keeps the sense of happiness in a person’s heart. Your social status will improve.
  • Transit of Mercury in Ninth House-The transit of Mercury in this house is not considered good. Because Mercury posited in this house results in monetary losses. During this time, the person gets entangled with many problems, as well as Mercury interrupts every work.
  • Transit of Mercury in Tenth House-Mercury transit in the eighth house is considered to be really auspicious. It proves to be very beneficial. With the grace of Mercury, you will get work recognition and business benefits. Your enemy is defeated and there is success, prosperity, and achievement in every field.
  • Transit of Mercury in Eleventh House-When the transit of Mercury occurs in the eighth house, it proves to be really beneficial. Because the Mercury here provides business growth. Speedy health is achieved. Mercury provides land benefits due to its transit in the eleventh house. Apart from this, you will attain cooperation from your brothers and friends. Green color proves to be beneficial for you.
  • Transit of Mercury in Twelfth House-Mercury transit in the twelfth house provides negative results. Unnecessary expenses increases. You will face mental anxiety, obstruction to education, physical pain and encounter many defeats. Apart from this, there is also the possibility of financial loss. During this period, Mercury also provides disease, insults, and defeats.

Mercury’s Hora – Budha Hora

The Hora of Mercury is good for trade, business dealings and brokerage related matters, for learning and teaching, for social welfare work, for studying scriptures, astrology, mathematics, writing, printing, journalism and publishing related works, textile and cloth related work, all types of accounts work, telecommunication, computer software related work, dealing with sisters, father’s sisters and mother’s sisters and mother’s brothers. Admitting child to school or college, delivering speech, starting a new company, matters related to postal and communication departments are best suited for Mercury’s Hora.

Planet Mercury