Planet Moon In Astrology

Planet Moon in Astrology plays a pivotal and prominent role in Vedic Astrology and Hinduism. Astronomically, Moon is not a planet, however, it is considered as one in Vedic Astrology. It is the second luminary after Sun. It is the nearest satellite of mother planet Earth and completes its one rotation within 28 days approx. It is the only planet revolving around Earth. If Sun is a generator of power, Moon will be the conductor of the same power. One half portion of Moon receives light from Sun and gets illuminated at one time. By and large, Moon shines through the reflected light of Sun.

Planet Moon

Planet Moon (Chandra) : Astrology

Hindu Mythology about Planet Moon

Planet Moon It is said that Chandra has emerged from the sea of milk at the time of sea churning by Asuras and Devas. He was considered as planet due to its brilliant form and also one of the Navagrahas. It is considered as one of Devas. He is weak minded and married to Tara. The child born out of their relationship is Buddha (Mercury), who started hating his father as his birth was the result of a deadly sin. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury and Moon are considered as rival planets.

Later, it is said that Chandra married 27 daughters of Daksha, the Prajapati. There was one condition imposed by their father, which was that Chandra must not favour anyone out of 27 and should love all of them equally. However, Chandra failed to keep his promise. He was fond of Rohini a lot. As a result, Daksha got angry and cursed Moon to lose his divine lustre. After many penances, Chandra was able to regain some of his lustre. The cycle of regaining and losing his lustre is reflected as phases of Moon. Later on, this phenomenon is known as waxing and waning of Moon.

In Hindu Mythology, it is believed that Moon loved Rohini the most, which is the reason it gets exalted in Taurus specially during Rohini nakshatra.

As per the Markandeya Purana, Chandra is born as the son of sage Atri and his wife Anasuya due to the divine grace of Brahma. According to this, Lord Brahma’s power entered Atri and Chandrato was born.

Nature of Planet Moon

Moon is nocturnal, cold, changeable, moist, receptive and feminine planet. The fourth sign of ZodiacCancer” is ruled by the planet Moon. Moon moves daily around 13 degrees on an average and whenever it passes through Taurus sign, it would be at its maximum strength at 3 degrees. It gets debilitated and weak while transiting through Scorpio. The effect of Moon depends on the sign in which it sits, aspects which it receives and association with other planet.

What does Moon signify in Vedic Astrology?

Moon represents the “Mother” in native’s birth chart. It indicates that the person will love his own country. It is also considered as a home due to ownership of fourth house in astrology. It represents the mind of a person, local government or private jobs. As Sun indicates native’s public life and holding high position in the society, Moon shows the family life, home and personal and private affairs.

Body Parts: Left eye of a male, right eye of female, breasts, stomach, uterus, ovaries, synovial fluid, lymphatic vessels, sympathetic nerves, bladder etc. are represented by the planet Moon in Vedic Astrology.

Physical appearance: People born under the strong influence of this planet have charm on their face. They are born under Cancer Lagna or on Mondays. Moon represents mind and liquid in your body and hence Cancer sign indicates mind in natural Kaal Purush Kundali.

Diseases: Diseases associated with the planet Moon are Eye Diseases, Lunacy, Paralysis, Hysteria, Epilepsy, Dropsy, Beri-beri, Myxedema, Cold, Cough, Colic Pains, Worms, Intestinal, Defects And Diseases, Tumours, Peritonitis, Uraemia, Throat, Troubles, Asthma, Gastric, Cancer, Typhoid, Hydrocele, Dyspepsia etc.

Characteristics of Planet Moon

If Moon is placed positively in your birth chart, then it will bless you with a pleasant and charming personality. It will become very beneficial for you. It provides you emotions and positive attitude towards everything and everybody. You will have good intuitive power and inspiration. Let’s see below how Moon confers good, medium and bad results:

  • Strong Moon: It means placement of Moon in favourable sign, which confers good results and strong mental stability to come out easily from any difficult situation. You would have cheerful attitude towards life and enjoy a blissful life with positive attitude. Moon is the planet which gives power to handle and take decisions wisely even in the worst situation of life. It provides magnetic and charming personality.
  • Beneficial Moon: provides you mental balance to overcome from your sorrows. It is said if you are happy through your mind, everything seems to be happy to you.
  • Afflicted Moon: Afflicted Moon causes cold and fever. Its characteristic is changeability. Afflicted moon at the time of birth causes ailment frequently and does not allow one to have a proper growth.

What are the professions generally denoted by planet Moon?

Being a watery planet, native may be employed in shipping department, navy, as a water analyst or in a water supply department. His profession might be related to salt, fish, corals, pearls, flowers, liquids, perfumes, kerosene, milk, etc. Vegetables, Farmers, fruit growers and suppliers or dealers in such commodities are governed by Moon. Nurses, cooks, stall managers, launderers are ruled by Moon. One may be a Mechanical Engineer in water-works, or if Moon were to be in movable or common sign, he might be a captain on a steamer or ship.

Professional streams also depend on the PAC (Position-Aspect-Conjunction) connection with other influencing planets. In short, we can say that the nature of Planet Moon in profession or career varies with the combination of Moon with other planets. Here, we have listed below few professional fields for your better understanding:

  • Politics: It indicates the mass of people, ladies and their societies, social functions, marriage, navigation, shipping, dam construction, bridges, swimming pool, agriculture etc.
  • Products: Products like oranges, melons, cucumber, palm, fruits, ghee, vegetables, curd, cow, milk, sugar and sugarcane, maize, silver, alum, horses, aquatic animals, cooked food etc. are denoted by planet Moon.
  • Plants and Herbs: Melons, white poppy, cucumber, palm, mushrooms, winter green, pumpkin, sugarcane, mercury, cabbage, cauliflower etc. are denoted by planet Moon.
  • Places: Mountains, fortresses, Kosala, Charukachche, Ocean, Vanavasi, Tangana etc are denoted by planet Moon.
  • Animals & Birds: Horse, cat, dog, mouse, water bird, duck, crab, tortoise, owl etc are represented by Moon.

The day governed by Moon is “Monday”, one may expect better results on this day itself if he is running with the Mahadasha of “Moon”. Moon rules over “Cancer” zodiac sign and gets exalted in “Taurus”. The precious gemstone for planet Moon is “Pushparagam Diamond” and “All White Stone (Pearl)”.

Hence planet Moon is very prominent in terms of Astrology as well as Astronomy. The life exists due to water on earth and the main karak for water is Moon. It gives emotions to people and important for everything and everyone for survival.

Moon in various houses according to Vedic Astrology

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Moon in various houses according to Lal Kitab

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Remedies for Moon


The Planet Moon – Astrology, mythology and influence in Horoscopes

Planet chandra astrology

When the Sun sets in evening and dim light comes to cover the earth, a disk – shaped ‘Moon’ appears to illuminate the sky and to dispel the darkness. Indeed, ‘Full Moon’ is really a stunning object with tiny starts to garnish the sky in nighttime. Moon is also conceived as a ‘queen of night’. Since ancient times, moon’s phases are also momentous to influence significant aspects of human lives. In religious country like India, devotee people arrange important ‘katha – pooja’ and ladies keep fasting during ‘Purnima’ (Full Moon) day. For all important rituals and fasts of Hindus, ‘Moon’ is one of the prominent deities for them. Seeing phases of Moon, ‘yearly moon calendar’ is formed for knowing some auspicious tithis (dates). The astrological day for moon is ‘Monday’. Further, ebbs and tides of ocean on earth also get impacted due to gravitational force of moon. 2 and 7 are the numbers of Moon, but number 8 is unfortunate. White and Sea-green colors are indicated by Moon. Being a watery planet, it is concerned with liquids, aquatic, animals, and objects found under water, like pearls. Moon symbolizes family life and private affairs.

Moon’s identity in the Universe

‘When Sun is the main ruling planet (Karka) for fathers, the rulling planet for mothers is Moon’. Moon is the nearest planet and the only known natural satellite of earth. It is just about two lakh thirty eight thousand miles away from the earth. The diameter of the Moon is approximately 2,200 miles and it is small in size comprised with crust, mental and core. In a strict dictionary terms, it is not a planet, but finding astrological notions, we call it the ‘Planet Moon’. In the solar system, Moon is acknowledged as the fifth largest and the second densest satellite. It is the only celestial body on which human beings have gone for successful research. It moves round the earth and earth revolves around the sun. Moon does not perceive light from sun when the earth comes in between them and it causes ‘Lunar eclipse’. And, in this condition, Moon stops illuminating light.It shines only by getting the reflected light from the Sun, as it is not a self-luminous like Sun. Moon is also conceived as conductor of power lent by Sun.

Mythological belief for Moon

Diverse of cultures around the World reveal varied interesting myths about the Moon. Western mythologists believed that Moon is Virgin Mary of the Roman Catholics and nourishing mother of the heavens. She is also the ‘Luna’ or ‘Diana’. She is the Goddess and a huntress and rules chastity as well as fertility. Moon rules over the impregnation, notion, birth of child, the animal instinct, and influence one’s personality and life. It is believed that the planet Moon governs person’s infant stage, and whatever behavior and all-over personality we see in that person is because of influencing power of moon.

Hindu’s conceptions towards Moon

India is a land of innumerable spiritual beliefs where Hindu people are always ahead to hoist the flag of religious thoughts. For them, the Moon is one of the prominent lords and they enunciate moon as ‘Chandra Dev’ (Lord Moon). Every after fourteen days Moon changes its appearance envisaging ‘Full Moon’ and ‘New Moon’. Hindu people say ‘Purnima or Poonam’ at the time of Full Moon, and ‘Andheriya or Amavsya’ at the time of New Moon. According to Hindus myths, one day, the lord Moon was giggling on physical structure of ‘God Ganesha’. Seeing this ironic behavior of Moon, Ganesha gave a bitter curse to him that his beauty will become ugly and no body will see his terrible black face in future. Experiencing this utmost ire of God Ganesha, Moon really repented and apologized for his behavior. And, finally, God Ganesha forgave him and said “no curse can be taken back but yes, you can show your complete beauty every after 14 days or in day Poornima”. Thus, till now moon is categorized in two phases one is ‘Full Moon’ and second is ‘New Moon’. Lord Moon is vital wing of some auspicious occasion like ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ and ‘Karvachoth’as well.

Astrological notions about Moon

According to astrological belief, Moon is a cold, asymmetrical, humid, amenable and feminine planet, which rules the fourth zodiac sign ‘Kark or Cancer’. It is conceived that the planet Moon orbits around 13 degrees on an average daily, and whenever it passes zodiac sign Taurus or Rishabh, it seems strong. But, whenever it transits Zodiac sign Scorpio or Vrishchik, it gets very feeble and incapacitated. The influence of moon occurs on the relative disposition of other planets the aspect which moon receives, the sign which it occupies etc. at the time of one’s birth.

Combination of planet Moon with other planets influence zodiac signs of horoscope and different planetary movements of moon show some special meaning for life of the person. Good combination of Moon with Mercury endows the native deep feelings and emotions. Conversely, bad combination can give the mental imbalance. A good aspect between Saturn and Moon makes the native patient, cautious, and steady. Unfavorable combination of both planets can make native pessimist. So, in this way, Good relationships of Moon with other planet will show a beneficial impact, but on the other hand, bad combination of Moon with other planets can give a negative outcome.

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