Planet Rahu In Astrology

Rahu, the North node of the Moon, is also considered a planet in Vedic Astrology. Astronomically it is not a planet, however, due to its major impact on human’s life, it is considered as a planet in astrology. The tail of dragon, Ketu, is known as south node of the planet Moon. They don’t exist as heavenly bodies with an observable body, shape or mass like Sun, Moon and other planets.

Rahu is a planet which creates illusion and has desires of materialistic gains. In present scenario, Rahu provides fame and also represents IT sectors. It has a cravy nature and wants to consume each materialistic thing of the world. It never gets satisfied with what he has. He always seeks for a different opportunity. It takes Rahu up to 18 months to enter from one zodiac sign to another. The Mahadasha period of Rahu is also 18 years.

Planet Rahu

Planet Rahu : Astrology

Hindu Mythology about Planet Rahu

Planet Rahu In Astrology

In Hinduism, Rahu & Ketu are also known as “Chayagrahas” or shadowy planets. It possesses no mass, substance or shape. They are the celestial points on the Zodiac with regulated movement and orbit. At the same point, one must analyse the conditions of planet Sun and Moon in horoscope for predictions.

As per classical texts, Lord Vishnu served nectar to all Gods and poison to all Demons. By that way, Lord was fooling all demons at the time of “Samudra Manthan”. However, one of the demons, named Swarbhanu, noticed it and sat in the row of Gods and managed to get a few drops of nectar or Amrit. In the meantime, Sun and Moon saw that activity and gave signal to Lord Vishnu, who beheaded the demon. But unfortunately, by that time, he was immortalized. From that point of time, the head of the body of demon is called as “Rahu” and torso is called as “Ketu”.

The mystery planet Rahu is considered bodiless, hence he doesn’t know how much he wants something. He remains unsatisfied due to his bodiless head. He has the passion and wants more. Rahu creates obsession within the person’s mind. He does not have a physical body, which is why he is called the shadow planet.

Rahu is considered malefic in astrology due to its origin related to demons and also because he swallows Sun, hence causing Solar Eclipse. Rahu is also named as North node of the Moon. Rahu and Ketu are the ecliptic points where the plane of Moon’s orbit intersects the plane of Sun’s orbit. Zodiac point where a planet crosses from south to north Latitude is called North Node. North node is called the Ascending Node, and South Node is called the Descending Node.

In Western Astrology, Rahu is known as the head of Dragon. Caput is also another name of Rahu given in western astrology. According to Western people, rahu is considered benefic whereas Ketu is malefic. They don’t consider these planets while analysing birth chart to give predictions on one’s life.

Nature of Planet Rahu

Rahu has no lordship over any house or rashi in horoscope. Only seven physically existing planets rule over the houses and rashis. Few astrologers believe that nodes also occupy houses and signs. We should keep in mind while analysing the horoscope that these nodes are important as they react on the basis of the house and signs in which they sit and conjoined with any planet in that particular house or sign. Though Rahu doesn’t own any house so it acts as a lord of that sign only. In case of conjunction, they provide results of the planet which aspects them. Rahu rules over Ardra, Swati and Satabhisha Nakshatras. However, some believe that Rahu gets exalted in Taurus or Gemini and gets debilitated in Scorpio or Sagittarius. If Rahu occupies the beneficial houses in the horoscope, then it will give good results.

What does Rahu signify in Vedic Astrology?

Rahu indicates the paternal grandfather. It doesn’t rule over any zodiac sign. According to Vedic Astrology, planet Rahu indicates one born in low caste, one who may have been involved with girls, one whose thoughts and actions will be evil, one will resort to outcaste and low-born. One who is dissatisfied, likes residences facing in south direction, fond of travelling, stay outside or in a big jungle, finds pleasure in uttering falsehood, continues to speak untruth, one who doesn’t have courage and look downwards while walking and talking with others. Gas troubles and sharp acute pain are denoted by nodes. Buddhist, snake catchers, ass, ram, wolf, camel, serpent, poisonous insects, a dark place, bug, insects, owl etc. belong to the nodes.

To live in a rented house, enjoy life at others expense, use others vehicles, have an office car, take one in adoption, danger to the offspring, pilgrimage, ill health to the native and defect to the children and in vision are judged from the position of nodes in the horoscope.

How does Rahu act in all 12 houses?

Let’s see below how rahu acts for all 12 houses if it occupies the different houses in astrology:

  • Rahu in First House: Moles or scars in head, wicked temperament, unsympathetic, diseased, still-born child to the native.
  • Rahu in Second House: Dark complexion, may have more than one wife, will have a mark or mole near the chin, does not hesitate to pick up quarrels, ever in want, diseased, worries due to loss of children.
  • Rahu in Third House: Bold, rich, interested in agriculture, never suffers from the scarcity of foodstuff.
  • Rahu in Fourth House: It may be inauspicious to mother until and unless it is connected with the benefic, will engage servants, puts on jewels, mostly a person of suspicious mind, not reliable.
  • Rahu in Fifth House: It may cause danger to children, it is evil, likely to stammer, Cruel minded, may be punished by the Government, may live in dirty house or village, funky, sympathetic, miserly.
  • Rahu in Sixth House: Native will enjoy life, he will be very bold and brave. If moon is also in 6th house, he will be liked by career women or ladies in good position, waste money, will win in any dispute, will have long life, will be ever victorious.
  • Rahu in Seventh House: Native may have two wives especially when there is another malefic, benefic may ward off the evil, yet he will be proud, arrogant, headstrong, diseased.
  • Rahu in Eighth House: Native will always be ill, ever worried, confused, delay in achieving one’s aim and depressed.
  • Rahu in Ninth House: native will be unhelpful to children, native will enjoy with one born in a low caste. The native will have servants, will never oblige any, will hate parents. Native will become rich and popular.
  • Rahu in Tenth House: Native prefers widow’s company and lives in dirty places if Rahu is not connected with benefic. Native can compose songs. Native can not be straightforward. He will be wicked person.
  • Rahu in Eleventh House: Native may have many children and wealthy. Native will own lands and building. Native will be little deaf, a learned man, will achieve victory over enemies.
  • Rahu in Twelfth House: Native will have a few children, will have defective vision, will be a sinner, unprincipled and unscrupulous, many get amputated. Native will be helpful to others.

Hence planet Rahu is very prominent in terms of Astrology. It is important planet in terms of materialistic gains and comforts. In present scenario, Rahu is the most important planet as kalyug is defined through the planet “Rahu”.

Rahu in various houses according to Vedic Astrology

Rahu in First HouseRahu in Second HouseRahu in Third HouseRahu in Fourth House
Rahu in Fifth HouseRahu in Sixth HouseRahu in Seventh HouseRahu in Eighth House
Rahu in Ninth HouseRahu in Tenth HouseRahu in Eleventh HouseRahu in Twelvth House

Rahu in various houses according to Lal Kitab

Rahu in 1st HouseRahu in 2nd HouseRahu in 3rd HouseRahu in 4th House
Rahu in 5th HouseRahu in 6th HouseRahu in 7th HouseRahu in 8th House
Rahu in 9th HouseRahu in 10th HouseRahu in 11th HouseRahu in 12th House

Remedies for Rahu


Rahu- A malefic shadowy planet adversely influences life

Planet rahu astrology In Astrology, Rahu is considered to be a ‘Node’, ‘Chayagrah or Shadowy planet which has a distinct, profound and predictable impact on human lives. Although Rahu is not an observable heavenly body with shape and size like other planets but has a strong influencing power. Rahu does not own any zodiac sign. In Hindu Mythology, Dragon’s head represents Rahu. Rahu governs one’s ego, anger, mentality, lust, and liquor-habit. Rahu also governs robbery, black magic, and awry activities of life. Adverse influence of Rahu can make one a completely brutal, and violent. Rahu is also significator for hidden money, gambling, fatality, and darkness. Rahu in one’s natal chart with good position indicates a long journey. RahuKal or the time period under the influence of Rahu is very unsuspicious period and results acute negative events in life. Other evil act of Rahu that is often mentioned is that he swallows Sun and Moon and thus causes solar eclipses to spread darkness.

Myths about the Node Rahu ‘A Dragon’s head’

Rahu is said to be a demon and represents all characteristics shown by a dragon. Vedic mythologists believe that Rahu represents head of dragon snake. According to Puranas (Hindu ancient scriptures) Asuras (Demons) were in a war with devtas (deities) for the aim to get Amrit (nectar) during the Samundra Mandhan (churning of Ocean by two opposing armies-Deities and devils). Seeing this clash, Lord Vishnu came with an Avatar of ‘Mohini’ to mesmerize asuras for deviate their attentions from amrit and to keep nectar safe for devtas. But one dragon among asuras was quite a witty demon, he understood the intentions of lord Vishnu and other devtas, and noiselessly tried to drink amrit. But lord Vishnu caught him inhaling amrit and suddenly took out chakra (wheel-sized edge) to cut-off and depart his head from the body before the nectar could pass his throat. And, unfortunately that dragon was pieced in two parts-head and tail, head of the dragon was given a name “Rahu” and the other part was given a name “Ketu”, and now they are immortal. Under the influence of Rahu Kaal one faces unfavorable occurrences in life, the best way is “Rahu Pooja” or chanting mantra of Rahu to control the negative effects of this nodal planet.

Astrological facts about Rahu

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is the north-node of Moon or ascending lunar node, and hence he is a nodal planet. He is portrayed in art as a dragon with no body riding a chariot drawn by eight black horses. Rahu does not own any zodiac sign but can become lord of any house. Leo and Caner are unfriendly with Rahu.

Rahu indicates the paternal grandfather. Rahu also causes solar eclipses, if Rahu, Sun and Moon are in the same zodiacal longitude, solar eclipse takes place. And, he swallows Sun and Moon to cause darkness on earth due to eclipse.

Rahu is significator for all morally wrong things like gambling, stealing, and other poisonous acts. Rahu is significator for travel, death, snakes, night, missing things, gambling and hidden money.

Rahu makes one thought evil. Dissatisfaction in life, affections towards travelling in mountain and forest, dishonesty, cheating, and untruthfulness are some characteristics due to influence of Rahu. This node can cause imprisonment. If one express feeling for enjoying life at other’s spending like living in a rented home, using car offered by office or etc. are because of the attribution of Rahu.

However, Rahu is influential in intensification of one’s power and converting even an enemy into a friend. Further, westerners believe that Rahu is also benefic in nature.

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