Saturn Transits

The period of Saturn transit is the highest of all the nine planets. The planet makes a transit in one specific zodiac sign in about two and a half years and mark a profound effect on human life. In these 30 months, Saturn lasts in one zodiac sign. During this time, the planet speeds up and turns again hence, the curvature of Saturn is not considered auspicious. Because of the transit of Saturn in the twelve houses, you will face obstruction in almost all fields.

As per Vedic Astrology, Saturn is said to be a cruel and sinful planet, hence people start shivering after hearing the name of Sade Sati, Shani Dhaiya, and Shani doshas. Lord Shani Dev is known to be the ‘God of Judgement’. He gives fruit to every human being on the basis of their deeds. He punishes those who commit bad deeds and blesses those who commit good deeds, however, his judgment is justified.

According to Vedic astrology, Saturn is said to be the cause of action and service. With the auspicious effect of Saturn, a person attains success and prosperity, but the position of Saturn in a horoscope can sometimes result to obstruction of job, constant conflicts, delay in success, fear of health problems, and much more.

Saturn is the owner of Capricorn and Aquarius. In Libra, it is exalted and in Aries, it is debilitated. The transit of Saturn in the third, sixth and eleventh house gives auspicious results. In the first, second, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, and twelfth house, it gives inauspicious results. Let’s know the result of Saturn’s transit in all 12 houses-

  • Saturn in the First House- When Saturn transit in the first house, it is considered to be inauspicious. During this time, luck factor doesn’t support the individual. There are delays and disputes in day-to-day life. In terms of financial stability too, Saturn transit proves to be inauspicious. Saturn posited in this house gives mental stress and many other problems.
  • Saturn in the Second House- Saturn transit in the second house is considered to be really inauspicious. During this period, you may face family feuds and estrange behavior of your spouse. Your financial condition can get affected and result in business losses and family problems.
  • Saturn in the Third House- Saturn transit in the third house is considered to be auspicious. At this time, the circumstances seem to be favorable to the person. Lost self-confidence is regained by the native. There is success in every area of ​​life and financial condition also gets better. Posited in the third house, Saturn fulfills the desires and dreams of an individual. Family life is also enjoyable.
  • Saturn in the Fourth House- Due to Saturn transit in the fourth house there may be family problems, economic instability, loss in property and health related disorders. Therefore, it is considered highly inauspicious.
  • Saturn in the Fifth House- Saturn transit in the fifth house can cause a dispute with life partner or business partner. One’s mind is depressed due to excess loss in the work.
  • Saturn in the Sixth House- Saturn transit in the seventh house is considered to be very auspicious. In this time, victory over enemies and success in business is achieved. Saturn offers economic benefits here. Apart from this, relation of the person with relatives remains mellow.
  • Saturn in the Seventh house- Saturn transit in the seventh house is not considered good. At this time, relationship with the spouse or business partner gets bitter. Concern increases due to delays in tasks. In this period, people have to carry on with their tasks calmly while dealing with others.
  • Saturn in the Eighth house- Saturn posited in this house creates problems with the spouse. Here, an individual gets detected with some disease and there are strong chances of surgical operation. During this time, there are strong chances of financial losses. You may face work-related problems.
  • Saturn in the Ninth House- Saturn transit in the ninth house leads to many changes in the job. At this time a person can change many jobs. Saturn here causes stress and anxiety. There can be a possibility of long trips.
  • Saturn in the Tenth House- Saturn Transit in this house may lead to problems in job and business. This time is challenging in terms of relations with senior officials. Too much stress has to be faced. There is a possibility of some differences with the spouse. You may face unexpected expenditure.
  • Saturn in the Eleventh House- Saturn Transit in the eleventh house may lead to an economic advantage. Relationships with spouses, family members and friends will evolve. One will be happy and satisfied with the job and business. There is a possibility of you getting involved in auspicious activities.
  • Saturn in the Twelfth House- Saturn transition in the twelfth house can lead to sufferings from stress, disease and depression. There are chances of one spending more and more than depositing and saving There is a fear of losing job and separation from life partner. In this period, the person has to face difficulties.

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