Planet Sun in Astrology

Planet Sun in Astrology has a special significance in Vedic Astrology and in Hinduism. Sun is the main source of energy and light on planet Earth. Astronomically, it is a “Father of Stars” and very nearest to our mother planet “Earth”. It is largest among all planets. It is considered as a centre of entire solar system. Though it is a star astronomically but it is considered as Planet in Vedic Astrology and an important planet while analysing the birth chart.

Planet Sun

Planet Sun (Surya) : Astrology

Hindu Mythology about Planet Sun

The sun, in astrology, is considered kind of planets In Hinduism, planet Sun is worshipped as “Sun God”. It provides life, force and energy, most importantly “the pran”, that means it is a planet which represents our “Soul” in Astrology. People pray to the planet Sun thrice a day. It represents our high esteem. People do “Surya Namaskar” in order to regain the vitality and eyesight on Sundays.

It is believed, the creator of Universe, Brahma did the survey with his four faces in four direction, causes four seasons and four elements named as Fire, Air, Earth and Water. The day, allocated for Sun Planet, is Sunday. Sunday is kept on the top or at head of the all seven days in a week.

In Western Astrology, planet Sun is also known by the name “Apollo”. They consider it as a son of “Jupiter” and “Latona”. Apollo is a brother of “Diana”

According to Hindu Mythology, the moment when Sun enters into any Zodiac sign, it is considered as auspicious time to perform any religious work. They perform religious function to satisfy their soul as well as offer pray to Sun God.

Hindu Calendar or Panchang is also based on movement of Sun in different Zodiac signs. When Sun enters from one sign to another sign, then it is considered as one Solar Month. Hence it takes one year to round the ecliptic. It does not retrograde like other planets.

Sun represents the Spirit. In Hindu Vedic Astrology, Sun is considered as Soul of “Kaal Purusha”. It is considered that Sun is a ray of hope and hence represents the positiveness and also a ruler or a leader.

Different Names of Sun: Adhithya, Arka, Aruna, Bhanu, Dhinakara or Dhinakrit, Hell, Pusha, ravi, Surya and Thapana.

Sun is one of the luminaries along with Moon in Universe. These two emit light, which brighten the whole world. Sun governs inspiration and expiration i.e. the life span or duration of life. It gives you the force and self will to make yourself determined and decisive.

Nature of Planet Sun

It is a masculine, dry, positive and hot planet. He is “Agni Devta”, name of an Indian Devta. It is fiery in nature. It rules “Eastern Direction and “Grishma Season”, in the months of June and July. The colour of Sun is orange or Kanakambaram. It rules over the metals like copper and Gold.

What does Sun signify in Vedic Astrology?

It represents the “Father”in native’s birth chart. It indicates “Husband” in woman’s chart. It represents the authoritative position in service. It shows the government, head or administrative position in society. It stands out as a skipper or leader in games.

Physical appearance: People born under the strong influence of this planet have large and round face. They will born with Leo Lagna or on Sundays and with the honey coloured eyes. Sun represents hearts in your body parts and hence Leo sign indicates heart in natural Kaal Purush Kundali. It also represents the right eye in man and left eye in woman.

Diseases: Since it represents heart of a person, hence it indicates heart diseases as well as problems in eyesight, if it is afflicted in kundali. Sun is afflicted by Saturn , then it may cause low blood pressure whereas Sun afflicted by Jupiter causes High Blood Pressure. It also denotes cerebral meningitis, eruptions of the face, aphasia, sharp fevers, typhoid, polypus, epilepsy, bile complaints, sunstroke, scorches and disease in head etc.

Characteristics of Planet Sun

If Sun is placed positively in your Birth Chart, then it will bless you with sterling qualities. It will be very beneficial for you. It provides you real love towards everything and everybody. You will have good intuition power and inspiration. It indicates you self acquisition.

Strong Sun: means placement of Sun in favourable sign, which provides good results and strong will power to accomplish any task. You would have cheerful attitude towards life and enjoy the blissful life with good fortune. Sun is the planet which gives power to rise high in life, due to which you get the recognition in the society. It gives magnetic quality and ambition to the person.

Beneficial Sun: provides ambition, boldness, brilliance, capacity to command over, dignity, energy, faith, fame, grace, generosity, health, hope, happiness, joy, kind heart, kingly appearance, loyalty, nobility, royalty, success in worldly affairs, truth, vitality, vigour, virtue and warmth.

Afflicted Sun: makes one arrogant, bluff, egoistic, faithless, insulting, jealous, over ambitious, self centered, angry etc.

What are the professions generally denoted by planet Sun?

In general, Sun is the karaka planet for permanent position in life. Sun denotes all government services and such departments. Wherever, there is safety and security in service, Sun would be ruling over it. It also represents the independent business financed by the Father. The stream of profession also depends on the PAC (Position-Aspect-Conjunction) connection with the other influencing planets. In short, we can say that the nature of Planet Sun in profession or career varies with the combination of Sun with the other planets. Here are some professional fields, related to things, listed below for your better understanding:

  • Politics: It denotes administrators, Kings, Dictators or anyone who heads on the top or holds authoritative position.
  • Products: Products like variety in rice, almonds, chillies, foreign exchange and currency trading, pearls, saffron, herbs etc are denoted by Sun.
  • Market: Government Loans, Gilt Edged securities, Gold, Reserve Bank, Stock Exchange, Government etc are represented through Sun.
  • Plants and Herbs: Thorny trees, grass, orange trees, Lavender, Mary-Gold, medicinal herbs etc. are denoted by planet Sun.
  • Places: Forests, mountain, Fortress, Government Buildings etc are denoted by planet Sun.
  • Animals & Birds: Lion, Horse, Boar, Serpent, all singing birds, swan etc are represented by Sun.

The day governed by the Sun is “Sunday”, one may expect better results on this day itself if he is running with the Mahadasha of “Sun”. Sun rules over “Leo” Zodiac sign and gets exalted in “Aries”. The precious gemstone for planet Sun is “Diamond” and “Ruby”.

Hence planet Sun is very prominent in terms of Astrology as well as Astronomy. The life exists due to light energy of planet Sun on earth. It provides energy to everything and everyone in order to sustain and also a biggest source to give you a hope for new beginning.

Sun in various houses according to Vedic Astrology

Sun in First HouseSun in Second HouseSun in Third HouseSun in Fourth House
Sun in Fifth HouseSun in Sixth HouseSun in Seventh HouseSun in Eighth House
Sun in Ninth HouseSun in Tenth HouseSun in Eleventh HouseSun in Twelvth House

Sun in various zodiac signs according to Vedic Astrology

Sun in AriesSun in TaurusSun in GeminiSun in Cancer
Sun in LeoSun in VirgoSun in LibraSun in Scorpio
Sun in SagittariusSun in CapricornSun in AquariusSun in Pisces

Sun in various houses according to Lal Kitab

Sun in 1st HouseSun in 2nd HouseSun in 3rd HouseSun in 4th House
Sun in 5th HouseSun in 6th HouseSun in 7th HouseSun in 8th House
Sun in 9th HouseSun in 10th HouseSun in 11th HouseSun in 12th House

Remedies for Sun


Influence of the Planet Sun in Horoscopes and Astrology

Planet surya astrology

A gigantic source of light vanishes the entire darkness of earth when it slowly-slowly rises in the early morning, in the surroundings of chilly blow of wind, in a melodious chirping of birds, is none other than the almighty orange ‘SUN’. Undeniably, Sun is the symbol of peace, wisdom and spirit in our lives. We acknowledge Sun as the ‘evident Lord’ on the earth. Many of us get up early every morning and practice ‘Surya Namaskar’ to get enormous energy and lost vitality ,from this Lord. He is the lord of the day ‘Sunday’ and represents special numbers 1 and 4. The Sun takes exactly one year to go round the ecliptic.

Acknowledgments of Sun in the Universe
In our galaxy Milky Way (Akash Ganga), Sun is acknowledged as ‘one of the largest planets’, and ‘king of the planets’. It is approximately 93 millions miles away from earth, which is a round – shaped, heavy-elemental star that spreads massive heat around other planets and stars. It contains more than 99 percent of the total mass of the solar system. Sun is a dry, masculine, positive and hot planet in Universe.

‘Sun’- Lord of Hindus
Religious people of India, especially Hindus, identify Sun as ‘a lord with supreme light’ and an important deity ‘Surya Narayan’ for all their auspicious rituals. They also portray the Sun as a lord that has hair and arms of gold, and seven horses or one horse with seven heads is the ride of lord Sun. Hindu people also enunciate lord Sun with other names as Bhaskar, Surya, Ark, Arun, Bhanu, Dinakar, Ravi, Dhinakar or Dhinakrit, Thanpna and Pusha. In every ‘Makar Sankranti’, people pray to lord Surya and give a lot of prestige to him. Astrologers believe that this special occasion comes when the Sun shows its transition from Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius sign) to Makar Rashi (Capricorn sign), and this festival comes every January 14. Further, ‘Sunday’ is the day devoted for venerable lord Surya. In fact, many of ladies keep fasting to delight lord Surya on every Sunday for the goodwill of their family.

‘Sun’-Prominent Planet in Astrology
Being the leading planet in solar system ‘Sun’ influence all other planets, stars and zodiac signs to give some astrological meaning to our lives. Planet Sun is the ruler of zodiac sign Leo. So, those who born under zodiac sign Leo or born on Sundays obtain benedictions of venerable star Sun; they possess impressive personality, marvelous characteristics and majestic behavior in their lives if they have beneficial Sun.

Impact of beneficial and afflicted Sun in one’s characteristics
Amongst the twelve zodiac signs Sun governs the zodiac sign Leo, so people with Sun as ruling planet born either on a Sunday or in Leo sign or with sun in the Ascendant will have special characteristics. It bestows true love towards everything and everybody. Strong-will, individuality, royalty, magnetic nature, boldness, brilliance, energy, dignity, Kind-heart, optimism, Kingly, well-reputation, and ambitious are some key qualities due to ‘beneficial Sun’. On the other hand, ‘afflicted Sun’ makes one bluff, angry, arrogant, jealous, lavish, over ambitious, irritable, and egoistical. The Sun is reckoned ‘afflicted’ when it is unfavorable debilitated or take an appropriate house placement in one’s natal- chart. In one’s birth-chart, it generally encompasses Squares, Quincunxes, oppositions and Conjunctions. Heavy affliction of Sun in one’s natal-chart sometimes gives lots of psychological problems. Whereas, if it shows in one’s natal-chart that the Sun conjunct the Ascendant, the person will be recognized as a ‘highly-confident’ person. People born with Sun square Ascendant do not like to come across before masses, and often they are known as a person with ‘attitude’.

Planetary movement of Sun in one’s life
House placement Sun in one’s zodiac signs and combination of Sun with other planets shapes many important things in our life. Sun is represented as a luminary star because of its immense emission of light. Whenever Sun enters in a significant zodiac sign and in planets of solar system, it expresses a noteworthy gist in one’s life. Sun offers us the power of resistance and vitality. Sun also governs the breath of our lives, and rules over our consciousness and denotes ones individuality. Different planetary positions of Sun in different houses also reveal ‘good’ or ‘bad’ effect in one’s health, wealth, career and life. Sun makes a particular house placement in our birth-chart that molds major aspects of life like health, profession, private and family life. For instance, nature of one’s profession is mainly because of the combination of Sun with other planet. For example, the native will get definite success being employed with government textile department if Sun shows its connected with moon and mercury in the Ascendant. Sun with Jupiter produces a good career as a physician. Sun enters and leaves zodiac sign once in a year that becomes ‘sun sign’ of the person. For example, according to Vedic astrology, Sun enters in sign Aries every April 14 and leaves zodiac sign Aries every May 15. So, this period shows some special influence of Sun in this particular zodiac sign.

There are twelve houses of horoscope; association of Sun in any house illuminates some meaning of that house in one’s life. For example, Sun in the first house in your natal-chart, shows individuality, self-confidence and dignity. In second house, it signifies strong energy to make money. In the third house, it expands your understanding level, and makes you talented. If the Sun is placed in the 4th house in your Ascendant, it shows that your family-oriented person. In the similar way, house placement of Sun from 1 to 12 in Ascendant shows some meaning in your life.

Concluding here , Sun is the center of all life, force and energy and the giver of Prana. Offering prayer to lord Sun every morning, especially on Sundays, will endow you mammoth energy, freshness and ecstasy for sure. People with Sun as ruling planet born either on a Sunday or in Leo sign or with sun in the Ascendant will certainly consider about Sun in their lives. If your facing any deep problem due to afflicted Sun, you can acquire remedies suggested by knowledgeable astrologers

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