Sun in different Houses as per Vedic Astrology

Sun in various zodiac signs according to Vedic Astrology

Sun in Aries

Sun in Aries according to Saravali: One, who has the Sun in Aries will comment on the meanings of Shastras, be famous in arts, fond of war, fierce, attached to his duty, fond of roaming, will have strong bones, be good in deeds, will do valorous acts, will be subjected to bilious and bloody disorders, be splendourous and strong. The native will also become a king.

Sun in Taurus

Sun in Taurus according to Saravali: The position of the Sun in the Sign Taurus indicates, that the native will have troubles from disease of face and eyes, will endure difficulties, will have an emaciated body, will not have many sons, will be beautiful (also means fortunate, nice, handsome etc.), will possess decorum, be wise, will hate barren (or confined) women, be endowed with eatables, garlands, robes and scents, will have knowledge of singing, playing musical instruments and dancing and will face risk from water.

Sun in Gemini

Sun in Gemini according to Saravali: One who has the Sun in Gemini will be a scholar, be sweet in speech, affectionate (particularly to one`s offspring), will have good conduct, be expert in profane knowledge and also in Sastras, be exceedingly affluent, liberal, skillful, be an astrologer, be mediocre in appearance, will have two mothers, be fortunate and modest.

Sun in Cancer

Sun in Cancer according to Saravali: The Sun in Cancer indicates, that the native will not be steady in mind in respect of his undertakings, will be famous by virtue of his royal qualities, will hate his own men, be unfortunate in respect of wife (have an ugly wife), will be good-looking himself, be troubled due to imbalances of phlegm and bile, be distressed on account of labour (hard work), will like intoxicants, follow virtuous principles, be honourable, will be eloquent, will be a geographer and a scientist in the matter of atmosphere/space, will be very steady and will hate people from paternal side.

Sun in Leo

Sun in Leo according to Saravali: If the Sun occupies Leo, the native will destroy his enemies, be given to anger, will perform notable acts, will wander in forests, hills and fortresses, be enthusiastic, valorous, bright in appearance, will eat meat, flesh etc. and will be formidable. He will be restive, strong in a lasting measure, talkative, be a king, be plentiful in wealth and famous.

Sun in Virgo

Sun in Virgo according to Saravali: Should the Sun be in Virgo at birth, the person will possess a physique akin to that of a female, be a scholar, be weak, be an expert writer, be learned and will render service to Gods and elders. He will be expert in repairs of driven vehicles, will be skillful in Vedas, songs and playing instruments and will speak softly and kindly.

Sun in Libra

Sun in Libra according to Saravali: If the Sun is in Libra at birth, the native will face frustration, destruction and heavy expenditure, will be intent on living in foreign places (out of distress), be wicked, mean, be devoid of affection, will live by selling gold and other metals, be jealous, fond of doing others` jobs, will co-habit with others` wives, be dirty, will incur royal contempt and be shameless.

Sun in Scorpio

Sun in Scorpio according to Saravali: The native with the Sun in Scorpio will have an incombatible lust for war, be away from Vedic (religious) path, be a liar, a dunce, will have a base, wicked wife (can also mean loss of wife), be cruel and be attached to mean women. He will be irascible, will follow bad course, be a miser, be fond of promoting quarrels, be troubled by weapons, fire and poison and be unfortunate in respect of parents.

Sun in Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius according to Saravali: If the Sun at birth is in Sagittarius, one will be endowed with wealth, be dear to king, learned, will respect Gods and Brahmins, be skillful in rendering training in use of weapons and arrows and breeding of elephants, be fit to deal with, be honourable, be always peaceful, be rich, will possess a broad and beautiful physique, be helpful to relatives and be energetic.

Sun in Capricorn

Sun in Capricorn according to Saravali: One who has the Sun in Capricorn will be base, interested in bad women, be greedy, will advance with mean jobs, be endowed with various deeds, be timid, devoid of relatives, fickle-minded, fond of wandering, weak, will lose everything due to conflicts with his relatives and will be a voracious eater.

Sun in Aquarius

Sun in Aquarius according to Saravali: If the Sun is in Aquarius at birth, one will suffer from heart diseases, will have enormous strength (courage), be very short-tempered, be fortunate through other housewives, be hated by the learned, be firm in his activities, be miserable, will have little wealth, be fraudulent, be not firm in friendship, will have dirty body and be a miser.

Sun in Pisces

Sun in Pisces according to Saravali: If the Sun is in Pisces at birth, one will be friendly, will have tendency to amass, be fond of women and happy, be learned, will destroy many enemies and be wealthy and rich. He will be endowed with wife, good sons and servants, will have wealth on account of transactions via sea/river, be an eloquent speaker, but a liar, will suffer from diseases of the private parts and will have many a co-born.

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