Planet Venus In Astrology

Planets in Astrology play prominent roles in directing the life of humans. Planet Venus is considered as the most beneficial planet for today’s life. It confers native with all the materialistic gains and luxurious items. Astronomically, Hindus consider this planet as the most brilliant one. It is the closest planet to Sun rather than Earth. Hence, it appears on some occasions in between Earth and Sun, whereas on some occasions, it appears in between Venus and Earth. In Hindi, it is named as ‘Shukra” by the name of Shukracharya. It is another benefic planet like Jupiter. It is the planet of love, beauty and comforts.

Planet Venus

Planet Venus (Shukra) : Astrology

Hindu Mythology about Planet Venus

Planet Venus

According to Hindu Mythology, planet Venus is considered as the Goddess of Love, marriage, beauty and comforts. It is also called Mahalaxmi, wife of Lord Vishnu. It is considered as one-eyed. If Venus is placed badly in your horoscope, your eyes will be affected.

Earth and the Heavens were both ruled by the Bali Chakravarthi. Devas and Lord Indra made an appeal to Lord Vishnu to free them from Maha bali. So, Lord Vishnu took the form of Dwarf. He approached the emperor Bali and begged him to give three feet of land for his use. Bali had a wise preceptor, named as Shukracharya, who understood the trick of lord and advised him not to grant his request. However, Bali granted the request by pouring water in hands of Lord Vishnu appearing in Dwarf form. Shukracharya blocked the passage of water by one of his eyes. Lord Vishnu took a grass and pierced through the eye of Guru Shukracharya in order to remove the obstacles. Thus Shukracharya lost his one eye. Venus rules Yajur Veda and Vasant Ritu (April and May)

In Western Astrology, Venus is known as Lucifer and Hesperus. Greeks call it Aphrodite. Babylonians call it Nana. The Hebrews named it as Ashtoreth.

Nature of Planet Venus

Venus is a feminine planet. It rules over Taurus (Vrishabha) and Libra (Thula). It rules over second and seventh house of Kaal Purush Kundali. Taurus is an earthy and a fixed sign whereas Libra is an airy and movable sign. People ruled by Venus are kind and sociable. Venus gets exalted in Pisces (Meena) at 28 degrees whereas gets debilitated in Virgo at 28 degree. Its mooltrikona sign is “Libra”.

What does Venus signify in Vedic Astrology?

Venus represents wife for men and marriage in any horoscope. It is the karak planet for seventh house, the house of marriage and legal business partnership. If it is placed well in horoscope, it provides good marital life. Therefore, we can say that Venus does much better if holding good position in one’s horoscope. Let’s understand below what it signifies:

  • Body Parts: It rules over eyes, generative system, throat, chin, cheeks, kidneys etc.
  • Physical appearance: People who have strong influence of venus has average height, plumpy body, round and pimpled face, or oval and very attractive. They have bright, kind and pleasing eyes, pleasant voice, sweet smile and curly hair. If Venus is afflicted adversely, it bestows less beauty. In general, they come out as winner in any competition, especially when they apply for reception department, as private secretary etc.
  • Diseases: It creates irregularity in the catamenia, diseases of ovaries, mucous diseases, skin disease, Bright’s disease cysts, swelling, Goitre, Gout, Anaemia and other complications due to over-indulgence in amusements, eating, drinking etc., including Gonorrhea and Syphilis.

Characteristics of Planet Venus

If Venus is placed positively in your birth chart, it bestows you with an attractive personality. It will be very beneficial for you in terms of wealth and prosperity. You may be brilliant and enjoy conjugal bliss. Let’s see below how Venus confers good, medium and bad results:

  • Strong Venus: If Venus is strong in your horoscope and conjoined with other planets, you can enjoy the good company of opposite sex. Your married life will be good and full of all kinds of comforts. You may get married early. You would be able to maintain the harmony with everyone.
  • Afflicted Venus: Afflicted Venus may not provide you timely marriage and there may be obstacles in married life. There may be obstacles in giving birth to a child. It may destroy the harmonical relations. It is karak planet for marriage, hence this area would be much affected.

What are the professions generally denoted by planet Venus?

Being a feminine, kind and sociable planet, native may employed in music, cinema, drama etc. Professional streams also depend on the PAC (Position-Aspect-Conjunction) connection with other influencing planets. In short, we can say that the nature of Planet Venus in profession or career varies with the combination of Venus with other planets. Here, we have listed below few professional fields for your better understanding:

  • Profession: Musicians gamesters, cinema actors, actress, film producers, etc. Similarly dealers in musical instruments, drama and in all products mentioned above. Those who employed in transport, automobile railway, bus, taxi, lorry, air travel, shipping, food department, animal husbandry, slaughter house, agriculture, estates, coffee, tea, rubber, etc. opticians, glass, mica and plastic, linen drapers, tailors, painters, jewellers, players, embroiderers, those employed to make-up, dress, comb, etc., fiddlers, pipers. If the second house is strong, it can make you a vocal musician, singer, or poet as Venus is called Kavi.
  • Politics: It indicates ceasefire, peace, prosperity in the country. Free Trade Laws favourable for transport, railway, shipping etc, for cine people, musicians and ladies, expansion programme and export facility for silk, textile, rayon, toilets, perfumeries, mica, chemicals, cinema films, women’s welfare, etc.
  • Products: It indicates finished goods of textile, silk and rayon products, silver, copper, glass, mica, toilets, perfumery, fancy, goods, photograph, films, hosiery for ladies, confectionary, sandalwood oil, fruits, flowers, sugar, chemicals, rubber, cars, ship, aeroplane, embroidery, tailoring machines, musical instrument, radio, paints, milk, cotton, petrol, pomegranate, sandal, jasmine, condiments, Ashoka Tree, Cherry, white poppy, apple and all juicy and tasty fruits, rubber, tobacco.
  • Places: Bedroom, dancing and dining room, cinema theatre, drama hall, garden, nursery, fountains, banqueting hall, automobile industrial places, shipping yards, aerodrome, etc, chemical industrial areas, silk and rayon industrial quarters, mica, mines, glass manufacturing places etc.
  • Animals: Panther, bull, Cow, Buffalo, Goat etc.

The day ruled by Venus is “Friday”, one may expect better results on this day itself if he is running under the Mahadasha of “Venus”. The precious gemstone for planet Venus is “Diamond“. It rules over Bharani, Poorva Phalguni and Poorvashada constellations. The lucky metals and gemstones are copper, silver, brass, beryl coral, jade, diamond, Alabaster. White, cream and ivory are its lucky colour.

Hence planet Venus is very prominent in terms of Astrology as well as Astronomy. It is important planet to describe our marriage, one of the prominent event of our life as it is a Kalathra Karaka.

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Remedies for Venus


Planet Venus – Myths and Astrology

Planet shukra astrology

Venus is glorious and luminous planet in solar system. Planet Venus is very much close to the Sun than the Earth. Mercury (Budha) and Saturn (Shani) are friendly but Sun and Moon are unfriendly to Venus. Jupiter and Venus are said to be enemy, as Brihaspati is Dev Guru and Venus is Asura Guru, but they both do not clash in heavens. Shukra grah presides over Shukravar or Friday. Venus is the ruler planet of second zodiac sign Taurus (Rihsabh) and seventh zodiac sign Libra (Tula). Venus represents contentment of material life, artistic quality, and all perceptible gratifications of life like wealth, reproduction or etc. Venus is regarded as one-eyed, so ill-posited Venus in ones horoscope affects his eyes. Venus rules over our eyes, generative system, throat, chin, cheeks and Kidneys. Venus forming good connection with other planets like Sun, Moon and other planet in ones chart indicate positive influence for his life, but evil aspects of Venus with other planets definitely endow bad results for the native.

In Universe

Planet Venus is second planet from Sun in solar system. Average distance between Sun and Venus is 67 million miles. Size and Gravity of this planet is much similar to planet earth. In night time, this planet is brightest object in sky. Venus is sheltered with a dense coat of clouds of sulfuric acid, which makes it unclear for seeing it even in visible light.

Facts about Venus

Venus is brilliant, brightest, and feminine planet. It is regarded as the Goddess of love, marriage, beauty, and comfort. Hindu people regard Venus as Goddess Mahalakshmi-wife of Lord Vishnu. Venus is Aphrodite for Greek people, Nana for Babylonians, and Astoreth for the Hebrews. Other names of Venus were also Lucifer and Hesperus. The Planet Venus governs the Yajur Veda (a Hindu Vedic scripture). And among months, April and May or Vasanth Rithu come under this ruling planet.

Venus in Astrology

Planet Venus is Shukra Grah in Vedic or Indian Astrology. Shukra Grah is also known as Guru of Asuras (Mentor or teacher of Devils) by Vedic Astrologers, and hence, he is also famous as Shukraacharya. Vedic Astrologists believe that Shukra Dasha or Planetary period of Venus remains active in ones horoscope for almost twenty years which bestows a person all amusements of material life. If this planetary period of Venus is posited well in ones horoscope or chart, it is believed, the person will have the affluence, good times and abundant comforts in his life. Venus or Shukraacharya lost his one eye because of a pierce given by Lord Vishnu, thus he became one-eyed. So, ill-posited Venus in ones horoscope affects the persons eyes.

Influence of benefic and afflicted Venus in one life

When Venus forms favorable affiliations with other planets it gives positive indications for the native but if Venus makes bad connections with other planet in natives chart, it always gives negative results for him. For illustration:-

Venus with Sun: When Sun forms favorable aspect with Venus in natives chart, the person will have amiability, happiness, easy life luxury or etc. He will be soft and polite and will respect others humbly. Gain of money through business partners and life-partners (wife or husband) are also indicated here. Success, rise of income is indicated in each fresh opportunity. But if Venus forms unfavorable conjunctions with Sun, the native will have an unhappy and disharmonious life. He will face delays in his marriage.

Venus with Moon: The person, born with the ruling planet Venus and shows that Venus and Moon has formed a good aspect in his chart, will be an affectionate, attractive, and a gentle individual by its nature and appearance. But adverse aspects can make the natives life terrible.

Venus and Mars: Mars and Planets are said to be different from each other and both show different qualities. Planet Mars is bold, masculine planet whereas Venus is calm and feminine planet. Thus, if both form favorable affiliations with each other it endows the native a unique characteristics. The native will be well-behaved, ambitious, amorous and a charming individual. Adverse aspect of both can make the person immoral, violent, and rash. In can also bring the divorce in natives marriage life.

Venus and Mercury: Favorable conjunctions of Venus and Mercury make the native nice-natured. He will have a quality to generate fun and pleasure in family and friends. He can be a creative person and can enter in profession like literature, dram-writing, comedy, poetry, engineering or etc. Adverse aspect of Mercury and Venus indicates extreme anxiety, harm in reputation or etc.

Venus and Jupiter: Both Jupiter and Venus are brightest and strong planets by nature. If Jupiter is in favorable connection with Venus, the native will be faithful, successful and a gentle person.

In the similar way, Venus forming good connections with other planets in ones birth-chart indicates beneficial results and influence life in positive way, but on the other hand, if Venus forms adverse aspects with other planets, it spreads ill- influence in ones life.

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