Venus Transit

The Effect of Planet Venus-

The period of Venus Transit lasts for about 23 days, i.e. it remains in one zodiac for 23 days and then transits into another house. Venus Transit provides different results in different aspects and affects the physical, social and marital life of a person.

Importance of Venus in Vedic Astrology

Venus is considered as the sister planet to Earth. Regarded as the 2nd planet from Sun, Venus is just a little smaller than Earth. It is often referred to as twin planet. Venus takes about 225 Earth days to make one revolution around the Sun. The planet has volcanoes and is extremely hot in range of 450°C.

Venus is called Shukr in Hindi. The day, Shukrawar or Friday is named after the planet Venus. In French it is called Vendredi; in Italian – Venerdi; in German – Freitag; in Spanish – Viernes. As per astrology, color of Venus is white. Through telescope, Venus appears yellowish-brown-white. Venus is feminine in nature. The gemstone representing this planet is diamond. Venus rules over Taurus and Libra in the Zodiac and 2nd and 7th House of astrology. Venus is often referred to as the Goddess of Love.

In astrology, words associated with Venus are wealth, values, music, beauty, bonding energy, love, feeling of sense of connection, spouse, mother’s love, creativity, marriage, connection, arts, dedication, media, fashion, painting etc.

  • Transit of Venus in First House- Venus transit from ascendant house to moon sign proves to be really beneficial. During this period, marriage prospects give fruitful results. The native takes keen interest in music, art, and love affairs. As a result, people get socially active and establish connection in society.
  • Transit of Venus in Second House- The transit here is considered to be auspicious for Venus oriented people. Attraction towards your children, woman, and family increases. Apart from this, your thirst for prosperous life increases. Love relationships get deeper and stronger.
  • Transit of Venus in Third House- The transit of Venus in this house leads to monetary wealth, respect, prosperity, new place, as well as result in the destruction of enemies. The desire to exchange ideas and discussions increases. There is also the possibility of meeting with the siblings.
  • Transit of Venus in Fourth House- When Venus is located in the Fourth house, there are strong chances of friends supporting you. Responsibility towards family becomes evident. At the same time, there is an effort to make a balance in personal life. Attempts to improve the relationship get considered.
  • Transit of Venus in Fifth House- Venus Transit in this house helps your brothers get auspicious results. The charm of your personality and romance in your life increases. Special interest is seen in art and music. In addition, there is humility and softness in speech and temperament.
  • Transit of Venus in Sixth House- Venus Transit in this house gives both good and bad results. At this time there is a challenge from the enemies, and help from brother and maternal side is received. In matters related to love affairs, search for your love partner comes to an end. Relationship with fellow employees improve in the workplace.
  • Transit of Venus in Seventh House- Venus Transit in the seventh house gives rise to fear of loss from the female side. Venus here gives rise to sensuality. In this time, a person wants to live a peaceful and relaxed life. In this sense, the enemies are destroyed by the influence of Venus.
  • Transit of Venus in Eighth House- Venus Transit in the eighth house helps people get their dream house. People also drink alcoholic beverages and get into the company of a beautiful lady. During this time, there are strong chances of sudden wealth and with the help of your partner, your insights for wealth increases. The relationships built in this phase are said to last longer.
  • Transit of Venus in Ninth House- When Venus transit through the ninth house, the person becomes altruist, cheerful and wealthy, and gets beautiful clothes. This time there is a desire to travel abroad. During this time there is a possibility of a love relationship with a person of another religion or community.
  • Transit of Venus in Tenth House- The transit of Venus in this house is not considered good. The influence of Venus is not accompanied by luck and there is a dispute. Mental disturbances and physical abilities also have an impact. Having higher expenses leads to debt. Apart from this, the fear of enemies also remains.
  • Transit of Venus in Eleventh House- The transit of Venus in this house provides economic stability and debt repayment. The influence of Venus brings sweetness in life and the popularity of the person increases. The person’s mind involves more in purchasing household commodities such as vehicle, jewelry, and delicious dishes. In this period, the native will gain a house/property due to the grace of Venus.
  • Transit of Venus in Twelfth House- In the twelfth house, there are mixed results due to the transit of Venus. In this time your financial situation will be good for a few days, but after that, there will be a sudden increase in loss of money and expenses. There is fear of robbery at home. Compatibility with your spouse is enjoyable.

Planet Venus in astrology