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Simplified, accurate and more reliable genre which is reckoned to analyse one’s horoscope is ‘Star Astrology’. In Hindu Astrology we know Star Astrology as Nakshatra Jyotish. If you’re looking in which Nakshatra you were born just use Nakshatra Calculator.

What you read daily horoscope prediction about your zodiac sign may not particular about your horoscope. And for knowing particular about your horoscope you go in depth with the help of astrology. It is believed Zodiac of Moon is divided into twenty seven (27) equal divisions and each segment is called ‘group of stars’ ‘Nakshatra ‘ or ‘Constellation’. If one has only knowledge of Star astrology can easily explore nature, behavior and other predictions associated to life. In other words, learning about star astrology is simple than other branches of astrology. Each person was born with particular star. You can easily know which your star is or which star you were born with. You instantly want to know which Nakshatra you were born with click on Nakshatra Calculator. Based on Nakshatra it can be easily analyzed what kind of person you are, what characteristics you posses, what major features of life you can experience and so on. Reading Nakshatra horoscope gives you precise facts linked to your life. You can also get privilege to read free Nakshatra Horoscope of year (2012).

So Star Astrology is all about the science to study the Nakshatra in the field of astrology. In the given detail you will know in brief about all 27 constellations or Nakshatra of Star Astrology.

Moon Manipulates Star Astrology

You might have been learned in science subject that Moon ‘the natural satellite of Earth’ completes its orbit around earth in 27.3 days. So this way moon passes though the cumulation of stars. Conjunction of moon with cumulation of starts is conceived as Nakshatra. Or we may say dividing the path of moon with groups of star is known as constellations. So each day moon passes all 27 nakshatra one by one or can be said, moon amalgamates each nakshtra every after 27 days.

In detail we’ll read about all 27 constellations of Star Astrology

As per Hindu convictions, like 3 loks (clans) ‘Swarg’ (heaven), ‘Narkh’ (hell) and ‘Prithvi’ ( Earth), Nakshatra have also been divided into three Ganas ‘Dev Gana’, ‘Rakshas Gana’ and ‘Manushya Gana’. Read in detail about all Nakshatra, their western name and characteristics.

Nakshatra in order in Star Astrology

In the given table you can easily put all Nakshatra of Star Astrology in sequence from 1 to 27.

2Bharani5Mrigashisa8Pushya11Purva phalguni
3Kritika6Aadra9Aslesha12Uttara phalguni
15Swati18Jyeshta21Uttara ashada
22Shravan24Shatbhisaj26Uttar Bhadrapada
23Dhanishta25Poorva Bhadrapada27Revati

Nakshatara in Dev Gana

Nakashatra in Dev Gana are considered more auspicious and blessed.

Ashwani (Arietis) is 1st naksatra in Jyotish Shashtra. Ashwani Nakshatra is considered as one of the auspicious constellations, especially for traveling and setting up small business like shop. Ashwani is dev (God) and Ketu is swami (lord) of Ashwani Nakshatra. Meaning of Ashwani is ‘Ahsva purush’ (male horse). People born under Ashwani Nakshatra are ambitious, hard working, mysterious, impatient, and short tempered.

Mrigasheersha (Orionis) is 5th Nakshatra in jyotish shastra, as lord of Mrighsheersha is Mangal (Mars). Som is dev (God) of Mrigsheersha Nakshatra. So people born under Mrigasheersha Nakshastra are greatly influenced by planet Mars, they are energetic, pious, full of self respect and polite human beings. They always like to work consistently with full of devotion. Singing or music is their interest. Mrigasheesha means head of deer.

Punarvasu (Castor and Pollux) is 7th Nakshastra in Jyotisi shastra. People born under Punarvasu nakshtra are spiritual, serene, joyful, good, but also tedious, and unhealthy. Word Punarvasu means again auspicious. Adit is Dev (God) and Brihaspati (jupiter) is swami (lord) of Punarvasu Nakshatra.

Pushya (Cancri) is 8th Nakshatra in jyotish Shastra. Word Pushya means Nutrition. Brihaspati is dev (God) and Shani (Saturn) is swami (lord) of Pushya Nakshatra. This Nakshatra is also considered one of the auspicious People born in Pushya Nakshatra are independent and always like to work independently.

Hasta (Corvi) is 13th Nakshatra in jyotish Shastra. Hast means Hand. Savitri is Dev (God) and Moon is swami (lord) of Hast Nakshatra. People born under Hasta Nakshatra are simple, sober, attractive, intelligent but cruel and thievish.

Swati (Arcturus) is 15th Nakshatra in Jyotish shastra. Vayu is Dev (God) & Rahu is Swami (lord) of Swati Nakshatra. People born under Swati Nakshatra are kind, alert, always dedicated towards society, and generous human beings.

Anuradha (Scorpionis) is 17th Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra. Swami (lord) of Auradha Nakshatra is Shani (Saturn). Meaning of Anuradha word is Success. People born in Anuradha Nakshatra are enthusiast, jolly, friendly, aspirant, fond of travelling and living abroad, but not able to bear hunger.

Shravan (Aquilae) is 22nd Nakshata in Jyotish shastra. Moon is Lord of Shravan Nakshatra. Shravan means Ear for hearing. People born in Shravan Nakshtra are thoughtful, liberal, and dignified. They grow in business.

Revati (Piscium) is 27th Nakshatra in Jyotish Shashtra. Budh (Mercury) is Lord of Revati Nakshatra. Revati means wealthy. People born under Revati Nakshatra are highly aspirant, famous, brave, clean and affluent rich. They get success in career of counseling, psychology, social working or so on.

Nakshatra in Manushya Gana

Bharni (Arietis) is 2nd Nakshatra in Jyotish shastra. Bharni means wearer. Shukra (Venus) is lord of Bharni Nakshatra. According to Hindu Jyotishi, Yama is Lord of Bharni Nakshatra. People born in Bharni Nakshatra are strong-minded, honest, healthy, skilful and cheerful. They are quite hard and pretty selfish. Misunderstandings are always there in love life of Bharni Nakshatra people. They always bear responsibilities.

Poorva phalguni (Leonis) is 11th Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra. Lord of Poorva phalguni is Venus. As per Hindu Astrology ‘Bhaga’ (God of wealth & comfort) is lord of Poorva Phalguni Nakshtra. People of Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra are emotional, attractive, and friendly, shy, with unique get up, and committed. They can easily suffer depression.

Uttar phalguni (Denebola) is 12th Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra. Arayaman and Ravi (Sun) is Lord of Uttar phalguni. People born in Uttar Phalguni Nakshatra are calm, systematic, cheerful, highly aspirant, and ethical. They are hard worker get always success in career in occupation like hotel, event management, media or etc. Married life is happy.

Poorva Ashadh (Sagittarii) is 20th Nakshatra in Jyotish shastra. Word Uttarashadh means ‘before victory’. Apah (God of water) is God of Poorva Ashadh Nakshatra. Shukra (Venus) is lord of this Nakshatra. People born in Poorva Ashadh Nakshtra are gentleman, caring and simple-living human beings. They are less-aspirant.

Uttarashadh(Sagittarii) is 21st Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra. Word Uttarashadh means ‘after victory’. Sun is lord of Uttra ashadh Nakshatra. And, Vishvdev is God of Uttara ashadh Nakshatra. People born in Uttar ashada are slim, tall personality. They are always curious to learn something new, and will get admiration from near people. They usually suffer eye and stomach related health problems.

Poorvabhadrapad (Pegasi) is 25th Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra. Brihasapati (Jupiter) is swami (lord) and Ajikpad is Devta (God) of Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatra. People born in Poorvabhadrapad are self-dependent. They can easily attract rich and powerful friends. They will like to face challenges and can easily adjust in any kind of situation.

Uttarabhadrapada (Pegasi and Andromeda) is 26th Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra. Ahir Bahanya is devta (God) and Shani (Saturn) is swami of Uttarbhadrapada Nakshatra. People born in Uttar bhadrapada Nakshatra are unique, charming, and highly attractive. They easily make their stand in crowd. They are always truthful and sincere towards friendship.

Aadra (Betelgeuse) is 6th Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra. Aadra means drop of sweat. Rudra is Devta (God) Rahu is swami (lord) of Aadra Nakshatra. People born in Aadra Nakshatra are shiny, healthy and helpful to needy person. But they are quite aggressive.

Nakshatra in Rakshash Gana

Kritika (Pleiades) is 3rd Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra. In Hindu mythology Kritika is Daughter of Daksh, Wife of Chandra dev. Kritika originated the name Kartikey. Sun is lord of Kritika Nakshatra. People born in Kritika Nakshatra are good-looking and renowned, but are rapacious, and fond of other’s wives.

Ashlesha (Hydrae) is 9th Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra. Word Ashlesha means embrace. Sarp (Snake) is God and Budh (mercury) is swami (lord) of Ashlesha Nakshatra. People born in Ashlesha Nakshatra are sharp, wise and alert. They do work fast. They can speedily adapt themselves in any kind of situation.

Magha (Regulus) is 10th Nakshatra in Jyotish shastra. Word Magha means ‘Great’. Pitru is Dev (God) and Ketu is lord of Magha Nakshatra. People born in Magha Nakshatra are optimistic and balanced human beings. They enjoy high status. They think deeply for any matter.

Chitra (Spica) is 14th Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra.Tvashtra is Dev (God) of Chitra Nakshtra. The Word Chitra means effulgent or shining. People born in Chitra Nakshatra are civilized and unique human beings. They are courageous, well-popular and highly aspirants.

Vishakha (Librae) is 16th Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra. The Word Vishakha means divided branch. Indra & Agni are Dev (God) and Brihaspati (Jupiter) is Lord of Vishakha Nakshatra. People born in Vishakha Nakshatra are well-minded and highly attractive human beings. But they always need mental motivation and practice.

Jyeshtha (Scorpionis) is 18th Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra. Indra is Dev (God) and Budh (mercury) is Swami (lord) of Jyeshtha Nakshastra. The word jyeshta means the biggest. People born in Jyeshta Nakshatra are spiritual and energetic. They are loving and soft-hearted. They are highly family-oriented human beings. They normally get achievements in career after 21 or 22 years.

Mool (Scorpionis) is 19th Nakshatra in jyotish shastra. The word mool means root. Nirittee is dev (God) and Ketu is swami (lord) of Mool Nashatra. People born in Mool Nakshatra are very charming with pleasing personality. They believe in modernity.

Dhanishta (Delphinus) is 23rd Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra. The word dhanishta means money or wealth. Vasu is dev (God) and Mangal (Mars) is swami (lord) of Dhanishta Nakshatra.

Shatabhisaj (Aquarii) is 24th Nakshatra in Jyotish Shastra. Rahu is lord of Shabhisaj Nakshatra. People born in Shatbhisaj Nakshatra are simple and honest, killer of enemies, daring and incompatible and so on.

So finally, you’ve read all about the basics of Nakshatra mentioned in Star Astrology.

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