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In terms of wealth, health, peace, workers and labour. A well-structured the factory is possibly unable to provide the owner with all-round satisfaction. The key element and contributing factor in the performance of the factory is the site on which the factory is being built. The primary aim of any organisation is to earn profit, but if this goal is not accomplished for one or the other purpose, then Vastu must be suspected. Factory Vastu helps analyse issues on site by identifying them.

Factory vastu ensures the efficient running of market navigation. Successful among neighbouring factories, leading to greater production and better monetary income. It can be of great help to apply Vastu to industry and also it roots the way for growth, stability, strengthening in sector. 

There are several more things to consider when setting Vaastu guidelines for industries or factories, such as site selection, electronic gadget position, guardroom location, staff quarters, kitchen, administration office room, chairman’s room, managing partner’s room and raw material placement, furnished products, packaged material production, ready transport. One can resort to Vaastu and prevent all future mishaps.


Structure PositionNorthSouthEastWestNorth EastNorth WestSouth EastSouth West
Heavy MachinesXGoodXGoodNeverGoodGoodBest
Light MachinesGoodGoodGoodGoodNeverGoodGoodBest
Boiler/ A.C. Panel/ HeaterXGoodGoodXNeverXBestX
Raw MaterialGoodGoodGoodGoodXXGoodGood
Finished GoodsOKXGoodXXBestGoodX
Spare Parts RoomGoodGoodGoodGoodXXXGood
Maintenance Work ShopGoodGoodGoodGoodXGoodGoodGood
Labour RoomGoodXGoodXGoodXXX
Plant/ Factory OfficeGoodGoodGoodGoodXXGoodGood
Extension of PlotGoodXGoodXBestXXX
Office PositionAccountsSenior StaffAccountsSenior StaffVisitorsMarketingAccountsChairman

Some imporatnt key factor

  • In order to bag and make more profit in the long run, choose a factory in the east, north or northeast direction.
  • The factory entrance must be in the eastern direction and the main gate with two shutters should be massive. 
  • The office of the owner should be built in the eastern or northern section, while the owner must sit facing north for all kinds of dealings and discussions.
  • Make the provision of storing finished goods in the North-West for early dispatching and good income. 
  • For workshop and maintenance work, the South or South-west region is perfect.
  • The south-east direction, electrical appliances, metres, generators, boilers etc. should locate as it encourages smooth operation and alleviates accidents. 
  • Factory toilets should install in the South-East or North-West section, whereas septic tanks built in the North-West/North or South-East/South section. 
  • Raw materials or piles should dump in South-west corner.
  • Heavy or lighter devices should locate  on the south or west sides, but middle, north-east or north-west should avoid. 
  • Tube-well or bore well should provide in the North-east and this area should maintain light and clean. 
  • Overhead tanks should set in position In the South-West.  


1.Whether plot layout is important role for vastu?


2.Is vastu scientific?

Ans:Yes .

3.Is vastu really important?

Ans:Vastu is the science of architecture, it is a tried and tested method of bringing in positive energy to the place you live.

4.Is Vastu Change factory productivity?

Ans:If a factory owner follows perfect vastu shastra concepts and sets up their factory according to  vastu policies, then productivity will soon improve.

5.If the factory is already installed, what to do to fix Vastu?

Ans:Can be improved to some extent through pyramid yantra. Consult vastu expert.

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