Vastu for Hospital

Over the past few years, we have seen the steady rise and knowledge of the subject of Vastu. Vastu for Hospital: Let us see how Vastu’s great science helps to relieve the  suffering  of people by applying Vastu’s concepts to the building of a hospital complex. The fame and success of nursing homes or dispensary or hospitals can be decided by the dedication of Doctors and vastu strength of its building.

The layout of the hospital is very important for early recovery from disease. It seems quite difficult today, however since hospitals build on any site without consideration of direction, location, typography, etc. This is the key explanation for the late recovery and the problems that occur at this venue. Vastu for Hospital is one constructed with important guidelines and standards such as proper location, room orientation, and typography of the entire building’s plot, exterior and interior. The Vastu-built hospital helps patients to heal safely and comfortably without leaving them at risk of having any other complications. 

Vastu for Hospital Layout 

Structure PositionNorthSouthEastWestNorth EastNorth WestSouth EastSouth West
Operation Theatre   Good    Good
ICU    Good   Good
Toilet     Good  
Supply water, Temple    Good   
Patient Room  Good     
Kitchen, Electrical Equipment      Good 
Doctor Room Good Good   Good

Some basic vastu for Hospital written here :

  1. The south-west, south and west are auspicious places for the doctor. When treating patients, facing the north-east increases emphasis.It permit to face towards east direction. Such type of position is the best. 
  2. In the west section of the hospital, the building of the operation theatre should complete. 
  3. All medical equipment should put in a hospital room in the south-east. 
  4. The patient’s space should ventilate with more east side windows.
  5. The hospital storage room should put above the ground. All supplies, drugs, instruments, etc should arrange in the southwest or west. 
  6. In the south-western portion of the hospital, ICU and recovery rooms should design for easy recovery. 
  7. In the north-east, water arrangements should arrange. 
  8. Toilets must be constructed in the north-west or west and all other toilet sites must be avoided. 
  9. The hospital’s kitchen should situate in the south-east. 
  10. The doctor’s room should design in a regular shape. It is important to the prosperity and success of the doctor. 
  11. Northeast medical store is not good.


1.Whether plot layout is important role for vastu?


2.Is vastu scientific?

Ans:Yes .

3.Is vastu really important?

Ans:Vastu is the science of architecture, it is a tried and tested method of bringing in positive energy to the place you live.