Venus position for wealth

The planet Venus and its position: The desire of every person is to get all the happiness/ wealth/ money through their hard work. Every one want to know can I get lot of wealth or not. We can know it through the horoscope. It is possible to know through the position of Planet Venus in the horoscope. In today’s time, it is the desire of every person to collect a lot of money, a bungalow and car. Venus is the owner of all these. If Venus is in a horoscope of a person is good, then it can fulfill all its desires. Venus is considered to be the factor of wealth.

If the position of Venus planet is good in the horoscope, then the native gets everything (Money/ wealth). If the position of Venus is not good then the native has to worry for every penny. If Venus is present in any of these Star (Nakshatra), it’s good for native for generating wealth.

Venus position in Ashwini Nakshatra / Swati nakshatra / Revati Nakshatra /Pushya Nakshatra or Kritika Nakshatra in horoscope then it gives good fruit.

In this condition a person achieves all the happiness through his hard work.


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